Warhol's Self-Portrait As a Point-Cloud

This is inspired by Andy Warhol self-portrait which probably prejudges 3dimentional world http://www.warhol.org/collection/art/selfportraits/1998-1-2190/ Actually I had to sculpt a 4 heads creature. I am not sure coloring is in Warhol style , but who can mimic Warhol?

I’ve made this the model quite triangulated just because I hate smoothing. I didn’t even use a sculpt mode which is always smoothing. Eventually I didn’t want another candy ZBruzh model. This is really experimental.

I forgot to mention that I didn’t want to copy Warhol’s drawing, thought it would be easy to do as he had presented 3 views. I used his photos to model. And it’s hard to model Warhol’s face in his early ages since his appearance was not at all as charismatic as in older days. He was an average looking person I should say, small eyes and big jaws.