Warhound Think-Tank

Hey everybody,
this is my first time to appear in a forum, so hello everyone.
this is my first serious hard surface modeling experience, (which is probably obvious though to some messy edge loop traffic in some spots) and so far I’m ok with it. Problem is that I don’t really have that much knowledge in making vehicles and robots, so I felt like this the right place to look for some creative and technical support. detailed description on the concept’s background is available on my blog

it looks very nice even though its VERY high poly. I dont know if you were going for that so i said it anyway. other than that the topology looks pretty neat although the face has a few out of place verts on it, that could be in line with the others and would cause problems animating

Well, actually I wasn’t that much concerned with the poly count , but it’s true that some small mistakes can mess up the workflow afterwards on next stages… thanks. :slight_smile:

your welcome, honestly other than that its a very very nice item, would like to see it on blendswap, or at least in a good scene
that might get into the gallery ;D

These two models are fun to look at. Please don’t think that I’m taking fun at your expense when I good-naturedly observe … “if Wall-E and the Pixar Lamp were real bad-ass types, this just might be what they’d look like.” :slight_smile:

Especially in wire-frame, these models have a characteristic that I like … they look like mechanical creatures. For instance, the innermost landing-pad of the ship (top left image) has a dividing line that is very slightly offset toward … so as to suggest the presence of a thumb and therefore of a hand. The engine is eyes; there is a nose and insect-like mouth parts suggested by the other geometry. There is a lot of fine, interesting-looking geometry here which is strongly suggestive of nature.

That is one evil looking Tachikoma :smiley:

actually I like the impression of the “mechanical creature”, I think inspiration from nature’s organic designs is something you can expand unlimited, but as I said, this isn’t somethin new, so one has to be creative enough to get to the new ideas… I will surely add later on an explanation why I designed it this way and how it functions… at time I’m struggling with the texturing. :wink: thanks for the comment.

and JnZ: yes it is!
the main Idea was a prototype tank with the pilot half-dead-hard-wired to the tank’s CPU, and of course the “WARHOUND” feels like vacation, starts a massacre and goes away. :wink:

So, the Main body mesh textured, colored and bump mapped. I don’t consider my self that good and patient when it comes to unwrapping and texturing, but well, so far so good. :slight_smile:


I did a quick rig in between my texturing process , say, to just check how the end result will look like, somehow…



that looks very menacing :yes:

Looks great!! I like specially this one…

I don’t like green for a war machine… Star Wars shade is so big!!

Cool. (loved the Ghost in the Shell comics)