Warky and Sherman's Grand Adventure: Cgtalk Journey Begins Entry

Warky and Sherman come from a land where there is no mouths. How they eat, no one really knows. One thing that is known about Warkanoid species is that they have 3 ears, a horn and big belly.

Warky’s hut was recently attacked by a large bird (a stumbling baby bird, but it was huge compared to Warky). The birds beak crashed into the roof of Warky’s hut. This allowed all rain and large pollen grains to seap into Warky’s house.

To repair the broken roof, Warky and his pet warkdog, Sherman are off on a grand adventure! They are off to seak supplies to repair the roof and to give Sherman a long walk to calm his frentic energy.

I had the idea for the image from a character I had created for an animation class. Warky is sort of a protest against speech in animation. I have to thank everyone who has stood by me and gave me advice for this piece. It has been a lot of fun, and I think I learned something.

The image was made with Blender 2.41 and 2.42 (CVS build), Z-brush, and Gimp. Artweaver was used for conceptual sketches.

I spent 3 months (unevenly) working on this.

Close up Warky and Sherman.

More closes up and high resolution shots coming soon!

The normal map of Sherman which was created in zbrush. The unwrap was done with blender 2.42 CVS build. Warky had a GIMP painted bump map.

1280x720 resolution.
If you would like a half scale (HD resolution, 1920x1080, I can get that too).

Btw I really happy I completed this. I have never really made a CG illustration before, or have composited cg before. Lots of first I broke, including rendering normals in blender. Sherman is normal mapped btw.

This is warky without any textures. Its a turnaround which was required for the contest. Let me know if you know where the pose is from. Click the photo to see a the 10 second turnaround.


I think too many parts of this scene are blurry (and stretched textures?), and the backpack looks a bit loose, because of the straps not fitting Warky’s shoulders in a more proper way.

I had to manually paint DOF in. Blender 2.42 can not render out safely 3 k images. So render nodes were rendered useless so to say. I had a very nice setup there too. :mad: I wanted parts that were not important to be blurred too.

I think it looks great. Very different. I think the blur looks good, gives it an impressionist feel. The foreground textures look a bit flat though, particularly the root in the front left looks a little skewed. I’d love to see this scene animated. The character design is great!

The textures could use some work. I UV mapped everything pretty much. Although some of the textures aren’t rendering. But I’m kind of tired of editting this for now. An animation would be cool, the rigs would need to be tweaked. And I would need to ship the animation out to a render farm. Maybe a future project sometime ;). If that’s the case everything would be tweaked. And I’m sure nodes would work than. Time to do the full body anatomy study. :slight_smile:

Nice picture.

Can you add some Neighbour. And move the trees back.I think it nice for little waterfall or canel(blender have fluid simulation) more little flower and the very important is face expression.I think it will look better for competition.
(sory for my bad english)

I can hardly believe blender has any troubles with outputting just the z-depth (you need nothing else, so you can get rid of ALL the materials!). When you turn off raytracing and render a 3k z-depth picture, you can easily combine these later on… The painted DOF doesn’t look very convincing, which is a shame because I really like the closeup…

i have to agree, i was following your page on CG talk, and i think the blur is quite blotchy, i think the blur degrades what could be a fantastic image. But it still look really good, and better than anything i could do. :cool:

Very well composed piece. While following your progress I’ve always been impressed by the dedication you’ve shown this project.(btw, I’m ESRB on cgtalk)

I was wrestling with the render issue all day… Even on non intensive 3 k renders it crashed. I only had one succesful 2.42 render and the was the grass, but I had to turn the render nodes off.When blender 2.42 is officially released I may try an all out render with render nodes. :slight_smile: I still have the original Which I think I could have tweaked things nicer. And could use the DOF setup I had figured out. Btw, I will upload a 1280x720, and 1980x1080 images for viewing. I just sized them for the internet.

Um you can extract z-depth data successfully from a tiff file? I couldn’t figure this out.

I watched this one on cg talk it looks sweet…^-^

Thanks shoujoboy, ESRB and Flurp

Uploaded a link to a turnaround. Its slowed down so you can see the model better.

The DOF looks a bit much. There isn’t much besides the characters that is in focus, which causes poor character integration into the scene.
How good is Artweaver? Would you recommend it for concept work?

Holy thread bumpage, Batman! Did you look at the last post date?

You’ll have to try it yourself.