this is my second blender modle…it took me about 5 hours of work cuz i had ot learn as i made it pretty much…my first render was a sword that had pretty much no detail lol so this was a big step forward for me. i actually own this guitar so what is what ii used for a reference, i am very pleased with this and i want to know what you think

it looks real good for your second model. looks like you have some natural talent :slight_smile:

some crits… you should use some meshsmooth on the guitar and knobs and maybe add some reflection on the body. its doesn’t seem to have any depth because you don’t have any shadows from the strings so work on that too.

but i suppose you’re done and on to other things…

how would i go about giving it shadows cuz i tried to do that but it didnt work out for me?

From a guitar players point of view…
It’s a warlock, let’s see a floyd rose! The headstock is still a little thick.
And the strings are all the same, at least make 3 wound and 3 unwound.
Otherwise, that IS a warlock. I have a platinume SE and the modeling is sound just lay off the bevels…too much of a good thing.
No offense…I really like it. B.C. Rich RULES!!

k first of all i figured out the shadow bit and nowi believe i am completely done with this modle…as for the floyd rose…i know they are signature with warlocks but i only have a bronze series…and it doesnt come with one and i didnt want ot pay that much just for a wammy bar that i will hardly use so therefor i couldnt really modle it cuzi didnt know what it should be like but thanx for the suggestion anyway…her it is with the shadows…this is final now

the stoptial bridge still kills me…but if ur happy im happy

And since I criticized… I will make a guitar.
For the hell of it.

ya i know the bridge doesnt have any detail to it but i was trying and i just couldnt get ti to look right and sadly this was the best i could do :frowning: but hey im new at this and i tried my best and thats what matters and i still lthink it is pretty good

it looks very good, but the strings are too thick. they should get thinner as they go up in pitch.

hmmm your right lol i cant believe i didnt thik of that lol unfortunatly i have labeled this a finished project and i am wanting to move on but thanx for the pointer