Warlord 110-ton Mech Render

Very long time, no see.

I haven’t been on BlenderArtists in a long time (few years now, I think?) and in the mean time I’ve made some significant progress in what I can do. Most of what I do now is mechs, ala Battletech - I’ve always had a soft spot for towering engines of destruction ;D

I’m so pleased with how my latest work came out that I figured I’d put it up here, because why not? (Ok, really it’s because putting this crap on deviantArt is going literately nowhere and I want some feedback dammit)

My only regret is, at the moment, all my coloring is done with Materials - I cannot figure out, for the life of me, how to unwrap and texture a mesh. I’ve watched tutorials, so on and so forth but nope, just can’t get it. I can rig a mesh with an armature, make models, yadda yadda but I just can’t manage that; I know it holds it back and makes everything look very flat, so keep that in mind when critiquing - it’s a known problem that I’m trying to fix… somehow.

Anyway, here’s the Warlord itself.

 Little bit of background - it was created for a personal sci-fi project I do with a friend called the Kosmosis Chronicles - basically, one of the factions really uses a lot of mechs as part of their pretty massive combined-arms military. While they tend to take damage easier due to thinner armor, they can survive longer than, say, a tank by merit of additional redundant systems, compartmentalization, and sheer mass.

 The Warlord itself is a 110-ton 'Superheavy', a fairly rare class of mech; most run the 20-100 ton range. The Warlord boasts a rather considerable armament, arguably the most immediately noticeable is the 180mm autocannon mounted to the right torso. Equipped with jump jets as to have additional mobility and limited air-drop capabilities, and equipped with advanced sensors and command systems, the Warlord is truly a force to be reckoned with.

 Anyway, lore stuff aside, the Warlord stands 50 feet tall, measured inside the Blender engine. The camera is positioned about 6 feet off the ground, to give an idea of the scale. The Warlord was rendered inside Blender using the Cycles engine - no work in the compositor at the moment, as I didn't feel any was justified considering the shape of the scene.

I may (read: probably will) come back to this at some point, tweak the lighting, add engineers working on the mech, so on and so forth but for now, this is how it stands.

All feedback is welcomed and appreciated :slight_smile:

Wow this awsome!!