Just something I started on this weekend.

Strangely enough you have Da Vinci to thank for this, as I got inspired by this.

Or should I say, I got inspired by some researcher, too much time in his/her hands, who just happened to have access to Photoshop?

p.s. As I don’t know a word of turkish, I have no idea what the article says, so if anyone knows, give me a summary.


ok… this dident come out so good, but here is a (very poor) translation:

Italian designer Leonardo even if Vinci’nin most famous labour Monarchy Lisa’nın sırrı çözüldü. Even if Vinci’nin invaluable başyapıtları upon research execution trade ekspertleri , designer ‘Mona Language and ‘Bakire and Infant tablolarından mirror reflection mystic yüzleri and şekilleri uncover. Even if Vinci’nin most famous tablolarından some. 1452- 1519 take on years between alive Even if Vinci yıllarında çalışmalarını and çizimlerini mirror göründüğü similar register registration habit salutary. So personal düşünceleri merely simply reflection during okunabiliyordu. Monarchy Language upon identical technique user trade ekspertleri yaptıkları application sonucunda hidden uncommon şekilleri divide in the middle gain. Fat dye and mystic güzelliğiyle world gripping picture unprecedented özelliğini saving Monarchy Lisa’nın sanıldığı similar mistake unprecedented kanısına leaf ekspertler , Monarchy Language tablosunda keşfedilen yüzün Star Savaşları filminde scoundrel rolünde cast Darth Fixed term benzediğini exposition. Trade sign province , Monarchy Language toblosundaki yüzün designer The Comma and Child with Saint AnneBakire ( and Infant , Dear Mother tablolarında even if bulunduğunu tablolardaki face and şekillerin God and fear representation ettiğini sign. _newsimages _newsimages /4575297.jpg Gene alike application Even if Vinci’nin cardinal eserlerinden one of them possibility ‘Last Supper’ ( supper tablosunda tried. Application sonucunda divide in the middle çıkan İsa’nın ‘Kutsal Kasesi’nin table upset image ‘John the Baptist’ adlı picture however tree and woman görüntüsünün earth take notice of divide in the middle output.

I dont know if this helps, but online translators often leave a lot to be desired… this is a great example…


oh yah, I forgot!
Cool image!


Thanks from the effort Neilbraun, though I tried a translator myself too and got frustrated while trying to translate the translation. :smiley:

But anyway, here’s a small update on the pic.

I think I’m gonna add some blood spatter on his face and gear and call this one finshed. But not today, or at least not yet.


I dun know what neilbraun was on about. A history lesson in the Da Vinnci Code maybe. Im surprised your image hasn’t received more comments. Its not perfect but alot of effort has been put into it from what i know.
Thats all i can say.

that is just plain cool! :slight_smile:

Looking very good :slight_smile: , my notes:

  • the chain looks like it’s floating in the air.
  • try giving him a SSS shader :slight_smile:

sss would be nice. did you use sculpting?

No sculpting used, just plain old vert pushing.
Most likely I won’t do SSS on him, as it royally breaks the texture settings I got there. But we’ll see if I manage to tweak something acceptable out of the system.

did you ever see the images from the “medieval2” game ? It could be insipring for you perhaps …

Right, another update. I threw in a bump map on the helmets band and added some blood on the face. Some minor tweaking still, but I think this should actually be finished in some point.


I think you should leave the blood out. Especially on the golden plate. Hides the detail of it too much.
Jassar pointed out the chain being in mid flight. I think you should still correct this.
SSS would be interesting to see.

The blood looks more more like a sauce or chocolate. Don’t add it, make some scars or old wounds instead. I think people wash the blood, they usually don’t let it flow untouched until it dries and becomes scab like.

You are right about the blood, it really doesn’t fit in, not in that environment at least. It would make some sense, if there was even some sign of chaos going on there, but alas, there’s not, and I’m not planning on starting a full scale battlefield scene with that. So the blood goes.

I’ve been doing some SSS tweaks, but the result aren’t looking that great yet. But we’ll see what I come up with.

Did a quick search, that’s what I found:


It might be interesting to read :slight_smile: