Ah, it’s been some time since I posted my last finished project.

So, this one actually was inspired by a “demonic face” found from a couple of paintings made by Da Vinci. Basicly, some people have had too much time in their hands, and they’ve made mirror copies out of a couple of the paintings revealing the faces.

And before you ask, I just took the general shape, not the actual form of the face. The demonic face was indeed, demonic, mine in the other hand is just human. Here’s a link to the source of inspiration. In turkish, so I don’t know what the article says.


So there.

Blender internal, no SSS.
Post pro in Photoshop.

ugh, ugly little guy… great skin texture, other than the fact that it looks almost leathery, the face is pretty good, I like the way the fat rolls over the collar lol

Wow, I can’t read that article either but from what I can see from the pictures that’s pretty cool…seems like da vinci hid all sorts of stuff in his work…

On the topic of this render, I like it a lot. Textures and lighting are really cool. The only thing I don’t like are all the wart things on his face. They look too fake and intentional. I bet if you left only one there it would look much better. (Just my opinion of course:cool:)

Yeah, dropping a wart or two might be better; and the connection between his chin and his lower neck looks kinda flat but that could be largely camera angle. Love the little birdy thing on the gold part and overall great :).

lol ugly…in a good way…face looks…warped…XD very good, I think the “warts” should be a little bit pinker… but w/e… gets out some shiny stars

If you guys find him ugly, then it’s a good thing, as that was the intention. Yay for me.

About the warts. I think the biggest thing there really is the texture, as chirpalot said, they could be a bit pinker in color. Dunno, I really didn’t do an extensive reseach on warts color.

But anyways, I’m not gonna modify this anymore, as I started this as a weekend project, that exploded on my week. And I find it satisfactory enough.

But thanks from the comments.

I decided to bump this, because I am an attention w***e.