Warlord's Table

YAY, 2nd real scene that I’m getting anywhere with, and I didn’t really like the first one, so this is pretty cool right now.

I’ve gotten suggestions to crease the paper more, which I’m probably gonna do pretty soon, and its going to be a map, with that dagger stuck in the target city (haven’t really figured out what the map will look like yet <.<)

Not really sure whats up with the fire on the candle but… theres one particle so try and imagine that there are about 699 more, and that they look good.




Ok this is a fairy big bump… but i like to encourage the blenderers to be the best…

as a 2nd scene… this is rather good…i didnt even know particles existed for years…

things id say to improve

Ambient occlusion

maby more lights… you can change the power and colour under textures/lamp maby have a yellow tinge…

if you havent already use raytransparency on the mag glass… set the LOD rather high…

Nothing much else

(been seeing quite alot of me, ey’)


oh also… for the creases in the scroll… use a bump map…