Warm town. Cold City.

Hello everyone.
A challenging project for me. As my first night render.
All 3D work is done in Blender, with textures from poliigon.com ; post processing was done with Photoshop.

Thank you to everyone who gave me feedbacks on the WIP thread

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I’d appreciate any feedback and comment !

Warm VS Cold, and warm in cold. good comparison.:eyebrowlift:

Thank you, I guess ^^

This is a really nice render! I don’t really have any critique, except for that the ground in the very front looks kinda strange (especially with the sudden cut off to smooth ground), and the trash on the sides of the streets don’t look like they ‘fit’. I can’t put my finger on why though.

Thanks for the feedback. I know what you mean, unfortunately I didn’t find ways around those flaws :confused:

But that’s the comparison, right? Warm town in the foreground, and a cold city in the background… or am I missing something?

Yeah yeah that’s the point ! The “warm in cold” part that you said I didn’t get though ^^

Can you try it in appleseed Render?

There’s a stunning sense of contrast here and much of the image is very well done (especially the buildings).

The one thing I’m not sure about is what appears to be waves in the street, but it’s not water (at least water in the street wouldn’t usually produce such a pattern).

I dont know that. i’ll check

Thank you !
What do you mean, “waves” ?

Bottom third of the image, between the rough patch of street in the foreground and the car.

The material combined with the shading and lighting gives an appearance of a wavy pattern.

It’s a “smoother” pavement than the old brick of the town. It’s difficult for the eye to make sense of the transition and therefore (in my mind) looks like waves.

This is simply awesome. I love your idea of comparison, and I’m pretty impressed how you managed the night scene. I’m currently trying to do a “very late evening” render and it’s not a piece of cake for me : D

Thanks for the feedbacks !

I found myself overly curious about the reflection in the first puddle. Is that faked reflection? The color of the building in the reflection seems too light - like it’s daytime or something, compared to the buildings in the distance.

I really like the soft glow of the lamps.

good work looks like from a Batman Game

I’ll admit that it’s probably a post-processing mistake…
Thanks for the comment :slight_smile: