WarMachine (579KB)

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I’ve been fiddling with Blender for about a year without presenting my work for any real critique. It’s probably time to stop and see what others think:


This is my first attempt at using AO. I just happened to try it during one render and was surprised at the difference it made. Though the shadows were a vast improvement the noise seems like a coverup or distraction.
The candles are weak because 9 lamps were removed due to the render time and the fact that they didn’t make much difference. Should’ve left the lamps in? Maybe some flares were in order?
The black textures (tv and stand) seem flat partially because the AO hides the small noise detail (there’s also small speaker holes at the bottom of the TV that are almost completely hidden).
That linolium is supposed to be carpet - once again, small details hidden by AO.
Hmm, maybe I don’t like AO despite it’s benefits?

This image was also entered in Weekend Challenge #210, but seems to gather little interest so I’m also wondering about the content:
How well does a television fit into the topic of “war machine?” Joseph Goebbels is one of the more memorable names from a dark era of humanity due to his important role as a minister of propoganda. It is an art that plays out well on a television screen in a comfortable home. Is this concept too cryptic for the topic?

If you’re interested in any of my other works have a look at my signature below.

Looking forward to your insight.

AO tends to hide/ flatten spec or raymir, unless you set it at, like, 14(which takes all day to render)
BTW the lamp is set a little too strong
good luck and peace out

Try renderering in Yafray, and great idea. I think that it is too light for the content, needs to be darker. Have the TV be the only source of light.

free_ality: AO was set to 16 and took 1:29 to render. With the 9 candle lamps was 2:45 (from the command line, octree @ 256 [I still don’t get that setting :wink: ] ).
Framedworld: Tried yafray before and was dissapointed that the settings needed to be tweeked from the internal renderer. Might have to give it another go.

I hadn’t even concidered making it darker. That lamp (the real one) can burn your retina on the highest setting, though it’s rarely set to that level. Concidering that I was going for a shrine effect with the candles it’s a good idea.


wait a sec, so you are going with the T.V illumination idea?

kinda. i left the lamp on but turned it way down. i tried yafray (there’s something to get used to). trying to figure out what all those settings do - it’s hard to experiment with something that takes so damn long. might bring the candle lamps back too.
why? is there something i should know!?

OK, well, you must have a fat comp, AO that high takes me all day to render(k more like 5 minutes). You can drop the octree settings to 128, it wont kill your resolution barely at all.

Not a fat comp - 5yr old 1.2GHz AMD. This took ~13hrs:
bigger: http://smokin.homeip.net/uploads/junk/WarMachine600.png