Warmech retextured

Here is a war mech i did and I have retextured it:

Comments/Crits welcomed



Animate it, and make it fire! I want to see that ammo belt moving :smiley:


awesome textures!

veeeerrrrrrrry nice! :o I love the textures. definately animate it. I agree with s68. make it fire. 8)

Thanx guys, i will give it an amature and animat it with fire as you said. This is going to be a challenge…now how about that walk circle…

Nims 8)

very cool, animate it add fire and for a challenge make dust fly up when it walks. I liked the design and the textures.


The texturing looks fairly real, but the lighting needs some work. Also, is the amo being fed out of some sort of tray in the front? It seems to be an odd desing that would encourage the amo to jam and/or tangle.

Do a fake GI setup and it will start to look better.

how did you get the bullets to follow the curve?

it looks great.

Dickie yes dupliframe is what I used for the bullets. Stephen2002 I never really thought abouth the bullet gamming and to be frank I didn’t know where else to put the bullets. For the fake GI am not very good at it any links to fake GI tuts will be welcomed.

Thanx for the crits and comments I am trying to animate it now and I have given it an Armature, just needs a walk circle.

Nims :wink: