Warmth (minor revised)

Hi, thanks very much for many comments!
Today, I posted new image with minor revised as follows:)

SSS scale was changed 0.04 to 0.03.
Add small change to her nose and weird shadow on her wrist.
Fur particles made random.

Thank you.

This is my second challenge to create Human Model. This time, I paid attention to her skin texture (SSS scale etc). Comments and critics are welcome as always. I hope you like it:D. (Sorry for my bad English:()


wow, no crits here. 5 stars from me

very nice ! 5*

Cool, but maybe some more work with particles? The fur in her jacket and her hair look quite… non-random! :smiley:

astounding… in a good way… thats quite something… a quite remarkable something…

GO FINAL FANTASY 100,000,000 is calling…


I really like what you have done here. Very well composed and the lighting, imo, is superb for the effect I think your going after.

The only thing that I’m not liking completely is her thumbnail that faces the camera. Not to mention that SSS will completely washout any detail you have put there in the model. To me it just looks weird and distracts me from the rest of the piece. Perhaps create a separate material for the nail and maybe make it look like it is painted (subtle color though) or use a fingernail uv map for a natural look…

Great job! :slight_smile:

The SSS is a bit overdone(her nose is letting in way to much light, looks like some really thin cheese or something), but other than that, looks fantastic.
5 stars

This deserves 5 asterisks *****
I have one small critique, where the wrist meets the hand it looks kinda funky. I think that area should more smoothly transitioned. Or that could just be a weird shadow…
Anyhow, it looks great! :smiley:

Awesome of course, but the nose just looks way too big to me. And the mouth too high. Do a quick bit of research into the proportions of the human face, and you’ll take this a step higher IMO.

-The skin is a bit smooth
-Texture stretching (bottom right)
-Proportions are a bit off

Other that that it’s great!


The hands are nicely modeled, as is the jacket and hood. The face has some problems with proportion, nothing major, but the bridge of the nose needs some work, expecially since the lighting features it so prominently. The skin shader looks very nice, with the exception of the specularity, which is too uniform and makes her look somewhat like a wax figure.

Great idea, by the way, for working with Blender’s particle hair. :yes: Brilliant.

her left hand looks a little too twisted, i’d make it more relaxed rotation-wise. AWESOME JOB!!!

great stuff
gallery material :smiley:

Excellent piece, you could do with making the SSS less strong, and add a translucency texture, this affects SSS, and can help the details to show a bit better, not all of your body has the same SSS.

It looks wonderful. The idea and the modeling are suberb, and the way her hair frames her face… beautiful. There are some minor problems with her face, her pose, and some of the textures/particles.

As some others, I think her nose is a bit too long. Her eyes also seem a bit bigger than I think they’d be, but they’re shadowed so it doesn’t look bad.
Both hands could be positioned a bit better. I suggest looking at a mirror and making a taking a similar pose and taking notes.
I think her skin is a bit too perfect. It’s like jello, or porcelain, or something like that - no wrinkles, no spots, nothing. The metal parts could be less reflective and have a more cloudy surface. They look almost like small mirrors now. The fur particles could also be a bit more random, especially in the rim of the hood. You might also want to experiment with a barely visible cloud of breath.

Very, very good, and much better than I can do. Good luck in becoming even better!

Well I think this is sweet man. It’s obvious that you aren’t going for a super-realistic look. I like the style of it too. I always find it strange that people are always suggesting how to make it look more real when that might not have been the result that was being aimed for in the first place. Sweet job man! Keep it up. The image definitely has feeling in it.

Awesome job. Keep up the excellent work!

The image has feeling in it sure enough, the character is sweet, the pose is tempting, yet there is something about it that doesn’t strike me as “warmth” Sorry, I don’t know what exactly, maybe the kin is to pale or the light “temperature” to cold, I dunno. If it had that certain aspect, this would be a killer image.
great job man

hello, nice image

couple of things i’d like changed :wink:

  • sss is too strong, scale is too big probably
  • the fur needs tweaking, strands are too straight, unless she’s showing how electricity works :wink:
  • shadows on her hands should be stronger giving more contrast (that’s probably an sss thing too though), also the shadow from her bracelets make the wrist look kind of strange, but that’s just my opinion :wink:
  • skin needs some texture, because it looks like one color all the way

keep up the good work, 4 stars

  • Kroni

how long did it take you because its AMAZING