Warners decides to stream EVERYTHING in 2021

I’ve been saying this is how it should be done for decades, ever since satellite tv came out, the wait whilst a movie is at the cinema just seems stupid. Customers are willing to pay to watch it in their living rooms on the day of release, the market is there waiting to be exploited. We have large 4K TVs now. Nobody needs to go to the cinema.

I really do. Not only is watching at home less of a social experience, it’s also way less impressive. The image quality is worse, 3d isn’t available, audio is boring in comparison. Of course, you can approximate the setup at home, but that’s fucking expensive.

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i dare say the home experience is not far off of a cinema in reality, TVs are now big and very reasonably priced for 4K HDR. You can get great sound by plugging your tv into an Amazon Studio speaker and yes those things are incredible i have one its a real speaker with real powerful bass and 360 degree sound, it can fill a room with sound without distortion. The social experience is exactly the same if you watch the movie with whoever you intended to go cinema with. Close the curtains turn off the lights, its very similar to a cinema… You can argue a cinema is better of course but its not much better.

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Could not agree more. On another important note, movie theaters won’t plant a technological spy in your home or try to digitally pimp you on the streets*, like Amazon et al.

It is disgusting. Yes, I know, this is a Blender-forum, so the audience here is probably too nerdy on average, to care about such implications much, I know.

greetings, Kologe

*(in the sense of collecting all kinds of data about your habits, whom you live with, whom you care about etc., etc. and selling that to god knows who, a business-model which has glaringly obvious similarities to straight pimping)

Oh, we care. Trust me. A LOT.

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I sincerely hope you’re right, then.

On a related note, I dreadfully wait for the day when streaming services will have consolidated their marketshares and audiences gotten accustomed to using them enough, for the CEOs of Amazon Prime, Netflix etc. to decide never again to release any movie they were involved with financing and/or producing on DVD/Blu-ray.

In other words, I expect there’ll be a time when you’ll not be able to buy a physical copy anymore, but only ever watch it on their servers, to their conditions.

greetings, Kologe

you can still buy music on vinyl and cassettes (granted not everything though). there will be always people/collectors who are willing to pay for physical media and fancy packaging.

That day is already here, and has been, in India, for YEARS now. A DVD costs a minimum of Rs. 500 - no one ON EARTH is going to pay that, round here (and never did).

India has now switched to Streaming.

(along with plenty of other places on Earth, I’d wager).

The last of the physical audio/video shops that I can think of in MY city died 5 years ago probably.

Here in the US we still have video stores here and there, but not near as many as there once was (for instance Blockbuster going bankrupt).

In my city, streaming is the only way to see new movies right now because of all of the theaters being closed. The Covid restrictions in place in my area do not mandate their closing, but it is said that Hollywood won’t give the chains anything unless tickets can be sold in New York (where the government is employing gestapo/KGB-style tactics to enforce a hardcore lockdown).

Interesting. Seems a bit comparable to the evolution of telecommunications in most african countries, where earth wire based infrastructure has never been established (which in Europe and Northamerica dates back to times when the state would still have been willing to invest serious money into such undertakings), so everybody basically went straight to using cellphones.

My remark was not necessarily about video stores as such, by the way. If I buy a DVD over here in Germany, I’d either buy it online or at a large book store.
I was rather wondering, will there be a moment when they’ll not even licence the content to whatever companies produce the DVDs.

greetings, Kologe

There’s nothing (obviously) wrong with streaming -it’ll solve huge distributional, not to mention environmental problems. Just that we don’t need these companies in charge of it! The obvious thing to do is for artists to release movies on their own (as I pointed out on this site), as happens in small ways on Youtube now (animated “shorts” and whatnot). That needs to be exacerbated!

And, don’t forget - torrents exist, they never went anywhere! :slight_smile:

Well, we already know that movie theaters have gone “all-digital” now – heavy reels of perforated plastic have finally become a thing of the past – but I still like to sit next to my sweetheart in a cool, dark theater and … maybe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … watch the movie and listen to a $10,000 surround-sound system while munching really-bad popcorn. :popcorn:

“Streaming,” today, is an additional market that every media-production company can now efficiently “hit,” and I therefore entirely expect 100% of them to do so. But, I don’t expect them to stop putting up theater-installations or to stop selling really-bad popcorn. After all, they’re now distributing their product to both places digitally, and at virtually no cost. The labor-costs of a theater are also now essentially gone: no one has to be in the projection rooms, manhandling plastic tape.

still, I wouldn’t pay 20 bucks to stream a movie at home (once)… i don’t know… feels like i could wait for a few months and just stream it for “free” later.

if i’d have to guess, I’d say this WB/HBO thing won’t pay off.

I love the real cinema experience. It’s simply magical and irreplaceable and I would hate to see it go. We have wonderful rep cinema in London called the Prince Charles that I hope so much survives all this.

Personally I can’t bare to be anywhere near super large screen TVs in a home environment. They feel far too cold intrusive and overbearing and dominate the space so much. The crazy high definition and frame blending so often is a disservice to the original beauty of film as well. And they remind me a too much of Bradbury and Truffaut’s Fahrenheit 451. Far too much noise and far too desensitizing for me.

I think home projectors are great though and preserve a lot of the magic. Also whenever anybody sets one up to watch a film it really feels like a special occasion.

Anyway long live cinema. I hope.

I love the real cinema experience too. The last home movie I watched with my family I made my youngest sit behind me and kick the back of my seat and talk on their cell phone throughout the entire movie, just to make it more realistic. :wink: