Warning: addon script dangerous

I read in this link

"Warning: This file type may contain malicious code. By executing it, your system may be compromised.
bundled addons_contrib for d/l for 2.65 release "

what is the explanation? has become dangerous to work with Blender?

your virus scanner might consider the file dangerous, 'cause it has no known extension (should be zip or 7z i guess?)

yes is 7z.
But in reality I download only one file safe from blender.org or there is no guarantee about?


the warning did not come from OP’s virus scanner, it is on the blender wiki page itself:

An addon can do anything that python itself can do so it can overwrite files, send /etc/passwords to a cloud based distributed password cracker, anything…Until python can be easily sandboxed your best bet is to not run random addons from untrusted sources like any other code/executable you find on the interwebs.

Should I Consider as I blender.org?
Is Blender.org like untrusted source?
blender.org is definitely a reliable source?
blender.org does a virus check of the addon that distributes?

If you clone the addons repository, that should be really safe. But any external sources of blender addons, or attachments from blender wiki should be considered untrusted, in the sense of that it can’t be guaranteed to be virus-free. But this applies to any uncontrolled internet source (note that everyone with wiki account can upload files to it!). It should be ok however.