[WARNING: HUGE IMAGE] The Lich King vs. Tyrael (human form)

Anyone who has had a peek at my sketchbook probably saw some WIP renders for this, anywho I finished it… yesterday? two days ago? I don’t really know, didn’t pay attention to the time.

Full size image link: http://cubegod.deviantart.com/art/COMP-ENTRY-The-Lich-King-vs-Tyrael-human-form-540218599
seems the forums only display a scaled down version when using a remote url, I can’t seem to tweak the display size.

As you might be able to tell (who am I kidding, it’s blatantly obvious) the post pro is extremely prevalent, not only did I do color correction, gamma correction, contrast tweaking and all sorts of other tweaking I also did a complete paint over, alpha masking some bits to tweak them further, paint in a lot of additional details and just alltogethere mutilated the render, not that it matters given it was an intentional ‘artistic’ choice (if you can even call my cobbling together of meshes and painting art, that is)

Anywho, I figured I might as well drop it here… someone might find some interest in it.