WARNING: If you are against marijuana don't click. The GREEN Adventures of Billy Bong

The main subject in this game is marijuana so if you are against it then please leave the thread. I do not care if you are for it or against it just don’t fight about it here. I am creating this because I want to give myself a little motivation by sticking with one game and trying to release new updates at least every week for it. I just want to further my skills in blender just like the rest of you so everyone please remember that this is only an idea for a video game and not a discussion for what is good or bad for you. Also please do not post here if all you have to say is that nobody will play my game because of the main subject being marijuana (I understand that there isn’t a worldwide demographic of gaming stoners) or if you think that I am ripping off gamemaster from his earlier posts of his game idea “stoneder’s Island” (we have talked and we are combining our ideas!). enjoy! :smiley:

I originally came up with this game idea years ago when i first found out about Blender and what you can create with it. Sadly, back then I really sucked at Blender :(.
However, I am now pretty decent at most fields of Blender and I want to take my idea beyond just sketches and notes. As of now I need a lot modelers,some animators,concept artists, and programmers (pretty much everything). If you are interested and want to join then pm me, or at least check out the new updates I will be posting (I will try to come out with a new update every week).

The GREEN Adventures of Billy Bong

A small suburban town in the middle of nowhere in the United States.

THE BACKGROUND STORY In the beginning of the story marijuana is legal in the U.S… The main character is "Billy Bong’’. He is a humorous bong who loves to crack hilarious comebacks at anybody who talks to him and he always has something to say. His main joy in life is smoking marijuana, or at least it is his life (he will die without it).

One morning while Billy is enjoying a nice wake-n-bake and watching tv, he notices that the police have put up a ban on marijuana and have put a bounty out for him to be arrested or killed. Billy quickly comes up with the idea to escape from the United States in search of an island known as “Stoner’s Island” where he thinks is safe to flee to because of no marijuana laws or police, but he runs into bigger problems while traversing through “Stoner’s Island”. Billy encounters trippy scenery,morphing objects (this includes enemies), and many crazy events as he continues to smoke weed and build up his “trippin” meter to access all of the areas of “Stoner’s Island”.

these are some pictures of Billy Bong



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omg wow cool lol I saw your other thread on this it looks great but why didn’t you just stick with that thread. By the way I cant wait to see how this turns out.

the other thread was started by gamemaster before we “combined forces” (and ideas).

lol, sounds pretty interesting, like a mix of tomb raider and mario 64

can you incorporate a guy from the joint with a joint versus a guy from the joint with a gun?
like bases that have signs on them that say “the joint”

I am not sure what you mean by that ed from america. could you try wording that a little differently?

yeah characters in the game that hold joints or guns and they come from bases called “the joint” ( the joint is slang for jail)
good guys hold joints and bad guys hold guns.

wouldn’t it be a little hard to see if someone is holding a joint though? Joints are pretty small while guns are a lot bigger. Also, there wouldn’t be a lot of use for random guys holding joints. If you were to put a joint vs. a gun then the gun would win (the guys with joints won’t have anything to fight back with). I like the idea of good people having joints, but they should stay as just people that you meet while the character travels through “Stoner’s Island” and you can talk to them for missions or help

as long as you perceive guns winning over joints the idea will never work.
you can exaggerate the size of the joint.
random people holding/smoking joints would be cool.
I just thought you might like the ideas.

exaggerating the size of the joints is a good idea. I appreciate the feedback and feel free to throw any more ideas out there.

Here are some pictures of the in-game items that I am working on.

Health Packs (bags of marijuana)

Billy’s handy little lighter

lighter fluid (refills lighter)

please comment on them and give advice or ideas if you have any

you need couches and lots of them for the heros, like safe places or you could go with safe houses.
the bad guys can only stand and run from their base, as they are always on patrol.

the bag of mj doesn’t look like a baggie.
look at a real baggie, the there is a flap that gets tucked into a pocket to seal the bag.
or you could go with a zip-loc but that would cause problems at time of purchase because the scale would have to be calibrated and every time you calibrate a scale it could add to a timer that affects karma or some other in game activity.

That is what I was planning to do with the bag, but that is all I have finished on it so far. I plan on fixing it today.

In the game the character won’t be able to purchase the bags. The bags are dropped by enemies when killed. The reason why I don’t want the bags to be purchased is because in the game when you obtain mj bags your “trippin” meter continues to go up. The "trippin’ meter is used for unlocking new areas so I don’t want the character to be able to go buy the bags that easily. I could incorporate a money system for it like a shop, but the bags would have to be expensive to provide more of challenge with collecting money.

how about make the mj grow on a plant and have the bad guys try and stop the character from getting it.
and the character blows smoke in their face until they sleep or something…
making the main character kill is a bad thing especially if you are using something as harmless as mj as a major point in the game.

Cool idea. Why dont you use real weed for the bud in the bag instead of a grass texture? I took the time to help you out. Its a seamless texture of marijuana nugs. Enjoy


ed from america: Just because the major point of the game is marijuana doesn’t mean that the only item he uses is marijuana. He will have melee attack moves and other weapons. also it isn’t like he is killing for fun. The enemies will try to kill him so he has to kill them first.

blubernuget: Wow nice texture! thanx a lot!