Warning: scene not added!, Why this?

I’m doing a 3PS (TPS, right?), i’m new to blender. Got .blend file if it’s need.
Already make the movement (with out animations), camera, lifebar, bullets, and that simple stuff, but got stuck with this mesange i notice it’s a problem since the lifebar was included.
It reads:

Warning: scene “maneofmyscene” already exists, not added!

And the game runs color blue wiht being only visible the lifebar…
I already chose in the main camera a property wich makes overlap both scenes…
Will greatly aprecite any advice, and be glad to answer any question, hope i’m being specific enough,

You only need to add an overlay scene once.

If you have, for example, an always sensor (with the True firing pulse enabled), it will continually try and re-add the scene… and since the scene already exists, it’ll fail.

To add a scene only once at the start of your game, use an Always sensor without True firing pulse mode enabled (top right corner of the sensor).


Thanks dude!, you’r great, it’s fixed now!

But still, i got my screen with out showing the game colors and textures on my first scene, the only textured object it’s the life bar. everything else shows like it was non-textured. But if i render the image everything looks as it should. any idea to fix that?,i could post a video if need.

Again thanks for the help.