WARNING Transforrm!

Ok so what would I do to convert this face into looking more female. I want it to be low poly. But some more faces doesn’t make a difference. How would you move the vertexes around. I followed a female head but it turned out to look almost more male than female. So how to make it look female? If you want check out the blend, I got a litltle suprise in it. That is why I put Warning in the title lol…


Woman.blend (520 KB)

First of all you need to pay attention to what defines a woman’s face. I am no expert in human topology, but it is the height of the ears and their shape, the eyes are probably the most important, and the shape of the jaw. Now I also have to point out your triangles (egad! I count at least 15 from just this angle.) These would need to be fixed to have good animation and even for a still render, I would not want them. I know that’s off subject just couldn’t help mentioning it. Also I would study a bit on edge flow. My last thought is to mention makehuman, I think you could learn alot about female anatomy by simply loading the software and playing with the female to male sliders. That will essentially give you a 3d reference that you can spin around and scale up and down. I have found that their anatomy is quite accurate. Good Luck! I’ll DL your blend and see if I can shape her up later tonight. BTW: I actually think your models basic shape is half decent…Until you put more details it will always look androgenous, so possibly you are in a righter track than you think already, and you should put her eyes and ears in and then see what you have.

Oh forget to say that the face isn’t going to be animated or rendered. So triangles doesn’t matter. I have to learn edgeflow sooner or later. Just that it’s not so fun to learn and play around with. (I hate rules) Anyways, here is a better and updated image. What would i do to make these faces look more beautiful and femenine. Thanks :wink: EDIT: I want her to look smaller, but if I bring her chin in, her jaw is getting more shape and she looks more like a man. My reference is this lady:
How would I get the face below to look like her?And less fat viking lady :stuck_out_tongue: