WARNING : tutorial : a lot of tricks about modelling a racing track

when you enter www.3dlab.cjb.net (my website)
then you will find it at the tutorials section !

you will learn from it

texturing a track
modellling a track , and some other tricks

at the first there are the basics , but i beleve that most of you don’t know about the ctrl+tab thing

bye …


ok it seams that i have to show a trick to make the members enter the thread


Just holding alt+left click over one of the edges running across the track in face mode (until it hightlights) also works. But you quite right Ctrl-Tab is useful.

i just push the buttons at the bottom of the 3d windows to change the select mode instead of alt+tab i’ve used that before but i forgot

did you know you can be in multiple select modes simultaneously?

have you tried using a curve [setup as a path] with a bevob specified to create a track? [admittedly, uvmapping that is a pain with current tools]

weird, your site is captured inside a frame, that’s annoying [and stupid, but it appears you might not have a choice on the matter]

>>> did you know you can be in multiple select modes simultaneously?

??? how?

4-Revive …
thanks all


A site devoted to modelling race tracks is just what I need! In case you’re wondering, I’m helping out on http://ecksdee.sf.net and have a useful script for unwrapping tracks as well.

Things like theory is also really helpful.

I have a better method involving using bevelled splines and the unwrapping script:

thanks jekjex

instead of alt click I liked the old method of ctrl-r or something to select a row, and you could choose which row, is that still available?

The bevob features are definately worth a try for this.