WARNING: What you are about to see is the new BGE graphics, no python, no mapping

The BGE has entered the next generation with these astounding new graphics as a result from Apricot (and yes you will need a powerful GPU)

The BGE now uses Blender’s GLSL shaders and thus its graphics ability pole-vaults far ahead of the 2.46 BGE. No Python, no baking, all realtime.

Vertex colors, text, 2 sided lighting, and texface is not yet supported, but will come I assume.

I did a custom Apricot build last night, there are some really impressive things going on there. I also got ahold of a couple of demos from a developer friend of mine showing the specular,and normal maps in the 3d viewer.

The developers are using common sense allowing the non-programming artist access this stuff without python script. It should have been this way from the beginning.

thanks for sharing this CD.

MMPH mind sharing? All the builds on grahicall I find with GLSL are .7z and mom says “no you CANNOT download that!” any ideas?

Sure thing, give me a couple of hours, I am experimenting with a new patched version of the blender trunk right now.

I have a feeling your mom dose not know what 7zip is. it is just a application for unzipping things like 7z, zip, and RAR files. It is free and open sourced without any spyware , or malware in it.

you can just build your own blender too, just follow this simple guide:

I use WinRAR to extract the files, apparently my trial version never expired and is still going.


Added more Map To support, now available:
Col, Nor, Csp, Ref, Spec, Amb, Hard, Alpha, Emit.

We should have the ability to bumpmap BGE objects as soon as the next Apricot build comes out. Considering a previous commit has the BGE sharing GLSL with the rest of Blender.

Demo of normal maps and per pixel lighting I quickly put together.

The lights have IPO’s so they should move once the BGE gets support for dynamic per-pixel lights.

NOTE: The large file size is due to the very large normal map sizes, which the BGE seems to now be able to handle smoothly.

I just tried newest apricot build, 1,3 mill polys!!! rotating model, with 1024 colour and 1024 normal map… about 40 fps!!! without any python script!!! Nice

Wow, this is all so cool. The Apricot guys are awesome :yes:

What exactly do you call a “powerful” graphics card? My nVidia 8400m seems to hold up pretty well in games, but I wouldn’t really call it “powerful”. I haven’t tried your demo though. Would it be possible for you to make an exe of it for those of us that are too lazy to get an apricot build?

Oh it will slow down after adding lights, logic, and physics.

Would it be possible for you to make an exe of it for those of us that are too lazy to get an apricot build?

Graphicall has a recent Apricot build ready to go, it doesn’t take that long to download.

[quote=Cyborg Dragon;1142257]Oh it will slow down after adding lights, logic, and physics.
Definitely, but i made test in 2,46…So i was uneble to subdivide my model to same poly count… 15 minutes pc freeze and crash… ok i subdivided model to 200k poly count with same textures with normalmap.py for same resault like in apricot build…10 fps… So difference is there… but… ok mormalmap.py include paralax not only bumpmap…

nice step up

hey , that’s cool , when would we see real time dynamic shadows projected against walls ETC … ?

This looks great! I read somewhere on the dev page that they are making it so you can use the shaders+normal/parralax maps without a really great graphics card. Do you know of this?

I just tried newest apricot build,
Was this the build you tried?


Just wondering.

I think Brecht is trying to optimize things a little, like speeding up compilation time.

Once text support is in I think I may start to make a little game specifically to try the new shaders.:cool:

EDIT: Brecht’s newest commit is in, all nodes except dynamic are now supported. Honestly can’t wait to hear of vertex color and text object support.

EDIT2: I’ve been working on the demo, here’s a shot of it


This pretty much sums it up. =P
I guess this is still great news for high end computers though.

BTW: that image looks fantasist Cyborg Dragon!

I know there was a .bat folting around that could compile the SVN on here forgot where anyone wkno what it was/is?

BTW: that image looks fantasist Cyborg Dragon!

The best part is is that this is using true WYSIWYG editing except for the sky, I can see it, normal maps and per-pixel lighting, in the 3D view before starting the game, this is why I used to balk at using Blender materials exclusively in games, because I couldn’t see what the material looked like until I started the game.

Do you know where I can find a list of some system requirements to run this stuff?

Do you know where I can find a list of some system requirements to run this stuff?

dont quote me on this but GLSL should run on any Nvidia card after the 6600, or ATI after the 9800 in theory.