Warning when exporting "model does not have texture assigned"

So I’m new to the forum, and unsure if I’m posting in the right area. I’m relatively new to Blender and making models for games (what I’m trying to do).

I downloaded a model that someone made for XNALara and I imported it into Blender, and I apply the textures to the respected parts of the model (each part of the model is separate so when it does export, a bunch a parts export, not one model.) So when I try to export the model using the SMD export script, I thought I had to uncheck the blender textures. So when it exports I get a bunch of errors that say;


  • WARNING 595 faces on 22_belt2_0_0_0 did not have a texture assigned *

It says it on every part for the model, but when I go into the texture menu it looks as if all the textures are there.

When I keep blender materials it exports fine, but the I get it into Garry’s mod 13 and it’s missing textures. It wasn’t a .qc error, because I used the MDLTextureInfo program by cannon fodder, and all the texture files were found for the model, but I guess not assigned for the blender file.

Sorry for the long post, I can give more information if you need it