Warp Drive Effect Test (Animation):

I tried for a Warp drive effect, but it turned out to be more of a speed burst through space. Camera needs to be angled straighter i figured out and increase warp duration. Any more suggestions? with compositing perhaps?

Link to video(watch in HD): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsG61kPNdp0


Warp.blend (461 KB)

Eh…kind of.

I think it needs a little something. If you want. This looks like warp drive. You can make hair particles on a flat plane, scale them out real far on a axis, put a emit and colors, and fly the camera into the hair moving on the sane axis as you scaled it. Is that understand able? I like the way it looks.

Yes, but im not using any objects in this scene, just stars and some chromatic abberation, lens distortion, gaussian glow and stuff in compositing, ill try to keep the camera straighter, and during the warp should I increase/decrease the brightness/contrast?

The movement is the most important part, making it straight will help, and taking much more time for the animation will help a lot too. For such a drastic speedup/slowdown effect, I would take at least 1500 frames to really demonstrate the effect. Concentrate on the animation itself and then focus on details and effects.

yeah, thank you, will try that