Warp drive

Here I did an animation with tracking. I decided to use a warp simple warp modifier in the track. The sounds I also edited myself for the warp drive aswell.

I just like to thank my friend who was so kind to let me use her camera and record the view she has :slight_smile:
Many thanks to Greyoxide for the shipyard V.07. I used 2 of his defaults and the one that warped in I built using the pieces he made. The warp effect is just a simple warp modifier and keyframing the Radius.

Warp Drive, Activate!

Wow, nice. It’d be cool to see this thing textured. =)

Spaceships and forests is always a winning combo. :slight_smile:

The track seems a bit wiggly but the warp effect works.

Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to exit hyperspace within earth’s atmosphere?!!

not as dangerous as trying to ENTER it…


We are such nerds around here!

rip every one on that space ship :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice work.

@Darekrb25017,your inbox is full.

very nice, i have made a short film (not with blender yet) and find that a flash of light helps improve the appearance of an object leaving/entering hyperspace. of course if this method of ftl travel used a wormhole opening it in earths atmosphere would probably cause a massive rush of air towards the entrance, if not because of the gravity because of the low pressure in the place (space somewhere i assume) that the ship had come from.

?! wheres the 3D? I only see a forest!

[QUOTE=quollism;2199933]Spaceships and forests is always a winning combo. :slight_smile:



woah now that I’ve come back I didn’t think there were going to be so many replies. O_O Thanks for all the comments guys :slight_smile: The scenery is all real. It’s only the flying ships that are 3D.

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