Warp Effect

Hello there! :slight_smile:

Lately I’ve been trying to improve my GLSL skills through simple projects.

One of those projects is to make a warp/jump effect for a spaceship.

The basic idea is this:

If the y-value of a vertex is greater than a certain variable, that y-value is to be multiplied with 1000.

But I don’t know enough about how the vertex shader works to do that : S

However, I did manage to make something with similar logic in the fragment shader.

I’ll attach a .blend of my current progress.

Any help would be greatly appreciated : D

PS: In case anyone wants to know, I’m trying to imitate the warp effect seen in the sci-fi series Dark Matter.


Warp_Type_00.blend (525 KB)

I sort of managed to get it work, but it’s not working entirely as intended : S

Only the aft part of the object warps in, the front half sort of just pops into existence.

Damn, so close xD I must be doing something really simple wrong.


Warp_Type_01.blend (537 KB)

Congratulations for the work , the second file reminded me a little of the effects of super jump movies and spaceships games.

Thank you ^^ I update the effect, it works differently now, but the effect is the same. Also I added a sound ^^

.blend is attached


Warp_Type_01.blend (561 KB)