Warp Fighter redesign

Hi there, this is my first project in Blender. I studied in Lightwave and Maya over 10 years ago but Blender is new to me.
This ship is a design I made all those years ago, now updated and redesigned a little. I am slowly learning Blender as I am making it.

This is the latest render.


It’s very wipeout meets Star trek, I like it.

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Thanks, it is Star Trek, based around the timeline at the end of Voyager.

This is a better view of the shape.

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Very nice modeling, the angle/perspective of the first image is very well chosen.
Welcome to Blender Artists!

This is still one of my favourite models going back years. I remember the LW version well. Look forward to see what you do with this one.

Love the landing struts.

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Thanks everyone.
It has been a little busy for me but here is a little more done on the underside. The landing gear is giving me trouble so I want to concentrate on getting the main hull finished then go back to it.
Hard points are just placeholders at the moment.

Latest render, I have started putting more details into the top and started some decals.
There is still a lot to do on it, but I have a clearer picture in my head about what it will look like in the end.

Looks rly nice so far, may i ask you what’s your experience on using Blender after using Maya that long ? Like how do you feel about Blender

I started modeling with Lightwave then did an animation course in Maya. It was good for animating at that time but I still preferred Lightwave for building models. I haven’t really used Maya since after I graduated. And the cost to buy it was too much for me.
When I got some work experience in a studio it was all with lightwave so I stuck with that.

But since then I haven’t done much 3d work.
Starting in Blender once I got used to the controls and how everything is set up I really enjoy it. I feel the nondestructive side with the modifiers is really good. You can easily change anything without having to rebuild the mesh, which I was having to do with lightwave.

I just wanted to say, as a long-time fan of this model, it’s extremely exciting to see it being worked on again!

Thanks, I hope I can get it finished soon. I have been busy lately so I haven’t had much time to build it.

This is the latest render.


The Materials could use a bit more love, but wow impressive work!

Yeah I haven’t really touched the materials yet. The blue and red parts are all I have really done. I also have to add a bunch more decals too. But it still needs a but of modelling on the underside and a few more details until I get to work on the materials.

I started on some decal panel lines, looks ok so far. It is getting there, but I wish there were more hours in the day to work on it.

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It has been a while, This is the latest, most of the outside details are complete and I am working on the cockpit at the moment. Then final clean up, materials and decals.


Still working on this slowly while learning more about blender.
I have started to UV map it so I can texture it properly. Then it will just need more of the cockpit completed then proper textures and decals before it is finished.