Warp Star

i am making a star trek animation and as the enterprise goes into warp ther is a 4 point star that appers as it cross the warp threshold how would i make that and how do i get it to show up in the render??? :-?

Halo texture on a plane.

If I can be a little more specific: A single-vertex plane with a halo material.

Make a plane. Select all the verticies and scale it to 0 (SKey for scale then 0 (zero) key for scale to zero, then LMB to finish)

Now remove doubles (w > Remove Doubles)

Now add a new materials and make turn on halo in the shader buttons. Play around with the settings until you get one you like then make the halo size = 0

Go to the point in you animation a couple of frames before the starship disappears from view. With the cursor over the materials box, hit IKey then Halo Size to create an IPO keyframe for the halo size.

Now move to one frame after it’s disappeared and resize the halo to a good size (Say 2.5) then IKey for another keyframe.

Now go forward the same number of frames again and set the halo size back to zero and one more keyframe.