Warp Text problem

I’ve run across a problem getting text to warp around a point. I’ve done it before. Minutes ago. But now, when I try to get a nice circular warp around a point, it ends up in sort of a spiral, as if the center point it is warping around is not what I intend it to be. Is there a tutorial on this so I can go back to basics on it and make sure I’m not skipping a step?

I’m in 2.49.

Why still in 2.49? if its still a glitch, the glitch will never be patched or fixed. also you can set up the blender 2.5 viewport to look like blender 2.49. There are only a few things which blender 2.49 is better at, and thats only because of all the applications that have been updated to be used with it.

If you were in 2.5 I would say all you have to do to warp the text is Proportionally edit the center line of verts connected throughout the text, and then just pull forward. That would warp it, and wouldnt leave any unsightly edges, even if you were using triangles (which if you changed text to mesh, you are)

have you tried linking your text to a curve path?
also, proportional edit works just fine in 2.49… not that that technique is what you are going for…

I started this project in 2.5, but found that there wasn’t enough documentation yet to get me over the learning curve. Just too many things have moved around, and I didn’t have time to go back to school on it. It does look cool, though…