Warp tool;Unbelievably daft problem!

I can hardly believe this myself!

I’m following the tutorial below;

However when I try and warp lettering round the sphere in the correct direction, I find I run out of screen room to move the mouse!

In the video, it looks like his warp is far more sensitive to his mouse movements than mine is. I’ve had a look through the User preferences but I can’t work out any way of changing this-other than getting a larger screen!

Any help muccho appreciated! :o

I had this problem as well,
I had to put my text on the back side of the sphear, and then befor you start the warp tool, put the courser in the center of the sphear, and then you will have the sensetivity you seek,
Sorry I did not follow the link to the vid, I am just speaking from trying this myself
hope this helps

I have ‘solved’ the problem by reversing the letters first using the mirror tool.
I find this very unsatisfactory though.
No amount of shifting the mouse around reverses the lettering during the warp. I do have a tiny CRT screen on 800x600 pixels which perhaps accounts for the trouble.

Did my advice not work?

sadly not, Salvadore. Thanks for trying. Unless I’m doing something obviously wrong! I assume your screen is larger than mine? It starts to work on mine but then I run out of screen!

like salvadore said, warping is just like scaling. if you have the mouse cursor near the center of the object when you warp, you’ll have all kinds of range. for more control, put it further away.

sorry, it’s not happening! As I say I’ve got a solution-albeit one that i’m not particularly happy with. I’m sure it must be (should be) possible to reset the sensitivity of the mouse to the warp tool, but as I say I haven’t worked out how.

Thanks once again though guys for the help.

maybe you need to set the sensitivety of your mouse in your user prefrences,
of your computer I mean

I thought of that, but I’m reluctant to have the cursor whizzing round my screen for the sake of one function!

I wouldn’t think that would help anyway, wouldn’t it just get to the edge of the screen faster?

why not post the .blend?

You could always substitute a curve modifier. That would ultimately give you more control anyway. I think that tutorial was written before the curve modifier. The warp tool has always been kind of tricky. Btw, it is view dependant, and so behaves differently from different views.
(the warp tool that is)

I’ll give the curve modifier a go. Know of any good tutorials for that?

This is a good example of an option we need after the event refactor:
You should be able to set the mouse to continue to “move” even when it gets to the edge of the screen.

Close, but not correct. Warp only uses the horizontal mouse motion, the angle is controlled by moving the mouse left/right (up/down doesn’t do anything, try it. :)). Input is scaled so that the 3D view always maps to 0…360 (plus padding on each side), so you should always be able to do full circle warps.

If that really doesn’t work as you want, what you could do is use numerical input: just type in the angle you want to use while warping and that’s what it will use (numpad or normal number keys, both are ok).


theeth-I don’t know if I should be concerned that this doesn’t happen.To get a full turn, I need 360 in either direction. It goes to 403 in the right hand direction, but only -45 to the left (the direction I want it to go in) Typing the numbers in manually works however.

You shouldn’t be concerned. The usable range is designed to be 0-360 with padding on either side (in your case +/- 45) for negative values, you’ll have to type it in.

I don’t have much to do right now, so I might add something to revert the range (0…-360), it shouldn’t be too hard.


And done.

Next release (or if you use a development build), you’ll be able to hit MMB to switch between 0…360 and 0…-360 input.


As easy as that, eh? Wow! great stuff cheers! :smiley: