Warped Particle Objects

Hi! My Name is FlyingHighUp and I’m new to these forums.

I modified the default starting cube to make a simple addition sign. I want to make many of them “rain” down in a simple particle animation.

So I made a plane, and created a particle system on it with all default settings, except for setting the object to cube (The addition sign). However, when I render or look at the particles in viewport, the particles look like warped addition signs. Do any of you know why this is happening/ a fix?



I am running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 Intel 64-bit
Blender 2.60a
To make the addition sign I used and applied mirror modifier, if that changes anything.

You probably mixed scaling in edit and object modes when making the model. Select the addition sign and in Object mode go Ctrl-A -> (Apply) Scale.

Awesome! Thanks very much! Worked wonderfully

I have another small question-
Say I wanted to make the addition signs collide with each-other on the way down if they touch, so I don’t have them passing through eachother. I’ve tried tinkering with physics, but can’t seem to get it right. Any idea how I could pull this off?