I’m not sure if this problem fits here exactly, but heres whats up, when i try to render it completely warps my mesh into something that looks like a pig nose, i havent changed any settings, i made a track to an emtpy but ive had this problem before without that change, heres a picture to shwo what i mean, and sorry if this question has been answered somewhere else, Ive managed to solve it before by just appending everything into a different file, but thats begginging to get tedious.


Umm, it looks like the camera is inside the mesh.

no, thats not the case, sorry for that angle tho


Camera clipping? try opening it out a bit?

Hi cire792
Have you set your mesh to be the active object by mistake.
Try selecting your camera and pressing Ctrl num pad zero to set it back to default.
I’ve had a similar problem and this was the cause.

Sorry just reread my post
Should have been Have you set your mesh to be the active camera by mistake.

Yes, i had set it as the active camera and the CTRL-NUM0 solved it, thank you for the help!