warping a tyre profile

hi volks,

trying to warp a simple multicutted plane to a complete 360 degree ring won’t work for me, the end parts won’t join together. nicely visible with subsurf (see picture).

attempting this with a tyre profile even leaves a pretty large gap although entering 360 for warping a whole circular bend. what could be the reason?

at this place i want to thank Fligh for his helpful :slight_smile: answers on my last thread.



From the images, it looks as though you need to remove doubles. In edit modes, select all verts, then press w…remove doubles.

Best of Luck!

thank you for the idea, but unfortunately it isn’t it.
i checked that before i posted this thread already, i’m sorry.

but thanks.


have you manually checked that there aren’t multiple vertices in the same spot or have you just used ‘remove doubles’, because maybe the vertices are very close, but not close enought to be removed by that

well, wouldn’t the number of vertices be too large to check them all manually for doubles, or did i misunderstand you:eek: ?


I second what Morio said. The only way I can imagine the results is that either there are duplicates, or where you would expect to have 1 vert, you have 2 very close together. That is why subsurf is rounding the corners of the 2 faces.

Here is another method,

In edge mode, spacebar…select…non-manifold. This will select edges that are open, or not connected. In the case of your object, all of the outer edges would be selected. However, if there are not any duplicates, or you don’t have 2 verts really close to each other, then none of the internal edges should be selected.

i don’t understand why could non-manyfolds be a disturbance for warping?

and what would the critical minimal distance between vertices be for such a malfunction?

as you might assume when spectating the screenshot it might not be the tidiest job of a tyre model, but to be honest i cannot find why all those yellow marked vertices are lighted up by the manifold detector.


non-manifold selections are more meaningful when done in edge mode.

This may be a stupid question, but, did you actually join the ends together? Then remove the duplicates?

In the first photo it looks like the ends are not joined and are just close together.

well the first picture is a different object than the tyre. it is just a simple ring, which indeed showed to be that i just forgot to join both ends together and then to remove doubles. after accomplishing that it was fixed.

it was just meant to display the kind of difficulty i am facing with the higher complexity of the tyre model.

but with the tyre it really doesn’t seem to be that easy.

i would only like to know if a total redo of the tyre-profile is nessecery or if it can be done with a few tricks.

by the way:
does anyone know how to deactivate the multiresolution function? i unwisely added it while having a modifier on and now it won’t apply while the multiresolution is active.

multiresolution is active.
If you mean the set smooth? then set solid will turn it off.

But if you mean Auto smooth, I think I read that once that is on, you cant turn it back off.

With the other. I would just try to join the ends and remove the duplicates. Im not sure why you say it wouldnt be that easy on the other?

Is because you have so many faces or verts? You can still work your way through the ends to join them. Just move in close.

I probably dont understand.

ah no, i mean the multires-panel in the buttonswindow. how can i turn it off in order to apply the Lattice?:o

now in the tyre question i guess there is no solution other than beginning all over.


just apply the multires. Since you haven’t added any levels to it, it won’t change anything.

i dont think you have to start over
When you said you used 360 degrees, try and use more


thanks volks for your reactions;) .

first: Morio, your right, it works, i should have come up with that step myself by just trying out, :o .

and LsBlend: well i tried warping manually without entering a degree-value, though the difficulty then is to join the ends precise enough to have those end vertices closer toanother than the rest of all the tyre’s vertices in order to remove doulbes in that junction part without deleting numerous other vertices all around the tyre.


if you find it hard to close the gap when warping manually, you should try holding the ctrl-button while warping, this will limit the effect to steps of 5 degrees.

“Remove doubles” will work only upon the selected parts of your mesh, this should prevent unwanted merging anywhere else on the model.

Good luck, nice tyre!

ah yeah! thank you very much for that hint.
your right, i absolutly forgot that removing doulbles only effects selected vertices, hehe:o , very nice, thank you Bartleby:) .

now i guess i’m through with this thread, got every help i needed, thanks to all!