Warping : annoying gap problem

Strangely warping (via Shift+W) two similar objects causes different results, although
proceeding identicly. Can’t figure out why :frowning:

When warping the one object/tred round the cursor all the way, it won’t warp 360° but less,
thus both loose ends will not connect causing an undesired gap (as shown in image).

Then, warping the other object all the way, it even exceeds 360° and overlaps
both ends, which is preferable, but unfortunately not doable with other/all objects :(. Why not?

Does anyone have a clue ?

Would be so greatful for a resolving hint. :slight_smile:



Tyre Tred 4 Warping.blend (368 KB)

There is a gap because the front and the back aren’t the same (they need to fit like a puzzle piece)

Also why are you using “angle bend” (or warping as you call it) instead of a curve modifier paired with an array modifier?


Tire.blend (477 KB)

Awsome! Thanks so much. I noticed the ends didn’t exactly match, but didn’t suspect that could
be the cause for the warp barrier since the other tred object with matching ends easily
overstretched the full circle which is why i didn’t suspect a neccessity for the end profiles to match.
However, thanks alot :))))

Don’t know, i guess there are often plural possible techniques for an idea and i haven’t discovered that method yet ;), but i’ll check it out .

Wish a pleasant evening. U saved mine :))