Warping Between Scenes

Hi! I could really use some help with this. I know this question has been asked before, but I don’t think I got a sense of a clear answer from any of the threads I looked at. Basically, I’m making a game where each scene is an area, and the character needs to be able to enter and exit at multiple places in each scene. I’ve been fiddling with setting a different position for the character depending on what entrance/exit he used, but it’s not working with the Scene/Set Scene Actuator.

I hope that makes sense. I do know a little Python, so it’s okay if this can’t be done with logic bricks alone. I’ve seen Monster’s SaveLoader, but I don’t understand it at all and I can’t run the demo for some reason. Plus, I’m using Blender 2.5.

There’s another problem: Monster says that a switch between scenes using his module has to happen in the next frame. I want to do a fade transition between scenes. That means it wouldn’t work, right?

This is a little misunderstanding. It is a requirement ot the SaveLoaderUsageDemo.
The problem is if you send a message to another object and switch the scene at the same time. There is no one left to read the message. This leads to the problem that message receiver can’t perform the necessary actions (In this case to store the scene state).

This is right, setting a new scene means:

  1. the old one freezes until the new one is loaded
  2. the old scene is completely removed
  3. the new scene is set up with it’s initial setup

If you go “back” to the previous scene, this is not the same scene as before. It is a new scene loaded the same scene data from blend and starting with its initial setup.

The only way to have both scenes at the same time would be overlay and background scenes.
I do not know how you could do a fade.

Oh I have an idea:
You could make a screenshot of the last frame of the leaving scene.
With the video texture module you can display this picture in front of the camera when starting the new scene. Then you can fade it out by setting the Alpha value of the material. But I think that is a lot of work.

I found this tutorial on fading. It uses a black plane overlaid on the other scenes.

Since the overlaid scene is not the one being changed/receiving a message, the switch could still work then, right?

I like your SaveLoader script, but I don’t understand how it works or how to use it in a game. As I’ve said in a couple of several threads now, I can’t get the demo to work on my computer. I think it’s because some of the meshes use the Convex Hull setting for collision, and that always crashes Blender for me. I tried changing them, but I may have broken something.

This is the problem I’m having:
My game is an RPG, so my character needs to be able to enter and exit in different places on a single area/scene. I want him to start at a different position in the next area depending on which area he came from, and I tried to use .worldPosition to do that, but my character is linked to each scene, so he just starts in the same location he was in at the last scene. I’ve come up with at least one workaround, but it’s tedious and doesn’t account for the character’s rotation. The only other option is having a copy of the character in each area, but that of course opens up a lot of room for logic errors.

Is the SaveLoader designed to address that kind of problem? If so, could you please help me gain a better understanding of how to use it?

EDIT: I’m sorry. I didn’t notice you’d responded to one of my other posts. Thank you.