Warping textures -- is it possible?

Is it possible to achieve imagetexture deformations a la Kai’s Power Goo with Blender?

Say I’ve got a planar NURBS surface. If I drag some of the points around in the same plane, I can take a square and make it kind of warped looking:





(hope that’s clear enough). However, if I map an imagetexture to this warped plane, the image doesn’t warp along with the points, it just gets cropped along the outline of the image. I’ve tried changing the material mapping from Orco to UV and this achieves the right kind of warping effect, but the image is repeated across every face, rather than one warped image being shown across the entire object. Anyone know how to do this?

For UVmapping to work properly, you have to define how your image is mapped onto your object. There are many tutes around on this, but basically what you’ll need to do is split your view into two parts, one with a front-on view of your plane, the other with an image window (the face icon in the window type selector). Press f to enter face select mode, select all your faces and press u to open the uv menu. choose “from window” and your faces will appear in the image window. Then all you need to do is load an image and adjust the faces in the image window to fit.

UV mapping would work, yes, but then there can be some problems with texture dimensions.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Model your object
  2. In the edit buttons (F9) press the tan colored “Sticky” button
  3. Apply a material to your mesh, and a texture
  4. Back in your material buttons (F5), make sure you have the texture that you want to deform selected.
  5. Click the green “Sticky” button to set that texture to use the sticky co-ordinates.
  6. Test render to make sure it looks right
  7. Modify the vertices of your mesh.
  8. Render again, and voilà! The texture has been deformed with the verts!.

For surfaces, enable ‘UV orco’ in the edit button section (F9), you can then just use orco mapping.