Here is a render i did in 2 + modeling (dont know how much time it took)
Fully done in 2.53 without external fiddling
Comment and critique appreciated


Hmm i dont know to to feel…
It looks cool and kinda noobish at the same time(sry). :frowning: so yeah i am confused…

most of my art work seams like that :frowning:

Maybe, but I bet your new stuff is better than your old stuff! Keep learning, trying and (hopefully) improving!

Im not sure what you were doing with the lighting effects but that is the bit I least like. Also, if you want to take this to the next level you are going to need to start working with better textures. This tank needs some nice worn metallic coating.

i have never noticed my models needed a general texture i only added textures to details

I think the lighting and materials/textures need work but the composition and models are acceptable.