Well, this will be my first big project in a while. I have fairly high hopes for it, and I thought I’d run it through you guys as I go. I’d like this to be a highly detailed project. If you have any suggestions for detailing or reference pictures I could use, feel free to link or post them. I only have a rough idea of what it will look like atm, so further inspiration is more than welcome.
Core BP, hinges in the back on leather straps and buckles in front. I haven’t decided if the BP will be leather or metal I’m leaning toward metal atm… thoughts?

Straps are vulerable, so I figured I better cover them up. This piece comes on over the head and rests on the shoulder pads. I made sure there is enough room in the hood for him to look around. I still have a fair bit of work to do on it, and any detailing ideas would be most appreciated.

The man behind the mask. I took a head mesh I used for another character a while back and played around with the sculpting tools. I’ll probably do a little more work on the nose, and he needs to be textured, but other than that I think I’m pretty happy with it.


Looks really good! Love the guy, and you touched him up with sculpting? Wow, couldn’t even see that one! I stink at sculpting and might not become good at it since there is only like 2 tuts on it. Anyway the armor looks great! Maybe you could have a bump map texture to make it like a worn in piece of armor. But the things to protect the shoulders looks a little weird. maybe you could make the fit more into the rest of the armor. Looks awesome!

hey! this might not be of much use to you, but if your interested might still want to check out this thread: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=77264 :slight_smile: hope it helps, though i doubt you would need much, if any, help like that, looking good in general - so far! :slight_smile:

Sweet! Modeling is great! Textures could use some work.

What exactly are trying to do concept wise, is this supposed to be historical? Star Wars style? Random sci-fi? I understand medieval and historical armour best so it would be helpful to figure out what you are shooting for.

keep up the good work!

Thanks for the comments folks.

Dudebot13. thanks for the compliments, and I totally agree with you about the “pit protectors” =P Lol, I’ve changed them already, but I still am not happy with them. There will be a cloak pinned into them as well as the Shoulder pieces… hopefully I’ll have a reasonable update available in another day or 2.

Felix: Thanks for the link. I like what you’ve done. I think thats the general direction I’m going, but it will need some sylizing to fit this set.

Gimli: thanks man :slight_smile: I’m glad you like it. As for the texturing, the shirt and the eyes are really the only thigns I’ve spent any time on… the “metal texture” is just the default grey solid… I’m planning on texturing it after I’ve decided what the look will be. As far as “concept”, its still really up in the air. I supose it will be closest to midieval/fantasy. I’m interested in mechanics and looks, but not physics :)… that is to say. I want it to look good, and be mechanicly functional, but I dont care if it would crush a normal person =P

I plan on working on it after work ,so I’ll hopefully have another update later tonight.

Small update… did some minor reshaping on the hood. I whipped up some new clips. I’m still not completely happy with them, but they’re better than the old ones. And a quick cloak/cape. This one is just demonstrational… I’ll make one with volume toward the end of the modeling process. Anyway, Let me know what you think.


I like where is this going to… cool char!

very promising!

Well I made some adjustments to the shoulder piece (which I like). And tried something for the inner shoulder/arm… (which I don’t like)… This view gives a nice profile of the helmet… looks mean imo. Anyway, I’ll probably try and come up with something different for the arms here over the weekend… Any C&C/suggestions would be appreciated.


ok, now its like a crossbreed between the Warcraft footman/human soldier and star wars >.<

edit: PS. not everything has to be plate :wink:

I didn’t read every comment, because I’m on a lazy mood :stuck_out_tongue:

The warrior looks awesome in my opinion. You did really well with the current materials. It’s cartoonish enough and the details are like candy for my personal taste. Some suggestions you would wanna do for the rest of it:

  1. Maybe give him a sword in the final project, also with the same theme.

  2. Give him a great pose, something like when he’s just starting to do a super attack. :D:D

Really cool project and I can’t wait till you finish it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments once again.

Felix: Lol, your right… about the Warcraft… I pulled some inspiration for the main shoulder piece from WC… now that I think about it, I may have gotten the hood idea from WC too, though I can’t remember from where exactly. Lol… as for the Plate thing, thats something I’ve been struggling with.I was planning on this side being his shield arm. His sword arm will me much more lightly armored… which brings me to a small problem… I have no idea how to even begin to texture or model a believable chainmail anything… suggestions/links to a tutorial would be appreciated =P… otherwise, its just a bridge I’ll have to cross when I get there…

Zashlam: thanks for your comments. I will definitely try to accomplish all those things… but one step at a time =P

this is looking sweet.

wikipedia has a great close-up pic of chainmail links.

u could simply use textures, or im sure there’s gotta be a tutorial out there on modeling chainmail.

invent! as u said, just figure it out when u get to the point that u need to.

just a starting point :wink:


allso consider some leather! (not only straps perhaps, thats what i mean)

edit: btw did you know its common to but cloth hood before puting on the helmet(sorry been hangin around too much with people that actually fight with real swords and armors and not for shows on stages)

Nice model, I like it alot! As for the maille you can go here http://www.mailleartisans.org/weaves/index.cgi And look through the weaves i’m sure you can find something you like, then just make a basic ring with the Torus, and scale it to the desired width with Alt + S then make the weave ( I make chain maille so I have tried all this before in Blender).:slight_smile:

                                                                                                                  The Ninja, Hiya!

Love it all but the anatomic torso armor. It’s mainly a matter of taste, but I really dislike when armor is shaped with abdominal muscles! Anyway, you’re the author and you decide, and I think you’re doing pretty well!

really liking the stlye of your armour, i tohught i could see some warcraft in there :p.
chainmail is tres complex, i only ever attepted it once, though i found using a good tiled chain mail texture with quite a heavy bump map worked quite well, saves on the polys too.


the first render seems to have a painted look…how’d u get that?

well, texture with a bump map can work out well when rendering from far away, and id rather go with displacement mapping in maps case :slight_smile: though in the end for chains i think modeled stuff is still the best(though incase of chainmail, oooh, the pain :p)