Warrior Girl -Nudity

Hello fellow blenders, I just started this project with blender 2.57,
I lurked for some time and now i decided to make the leap, Im open to comments
critics and suggestions.

Im going for a semi realistic semi cartoon feel, theres still a long way to go tho,
right now I only got the torso and face detailed to a decent level, next is the legs,
then arms and the ears will be last, Once Im done with the whole model ill tweak it some more, and then ill start thinking about clothes.

I also want to try to get this done in two weeks from now tops, wish me luck :slight_smile:

I’m modeling it with subdivision modifiers ill post some wires later.

Body looks superb, but I’m not a fan of the anime proportional head. Can’t you try to make the head as realistic as the body?

This looks awsome. Are you going go full body with arms and legs to animate as well?

Gudra: Yeah i agree i was kind of over the fence on that one…
after all Im doing this learn anatomy so the first model i make should
be more accurate, the next one will be cartoony :slight_smile: thanks for the input

Furlow: Thanks! yeah full body clothes, textures, rigg and a walk cycle are the plans

Wires and a new face and some tweaks for the body, I’m gonna get the legs done now.



very nice :slight_smile: guessing you prefer to follow the muscle flow? from what i can see its looking very good :slight_smile:

I see that you studied the female body very well!
Great model, I’m waiting for more!

bacon_chaney: Yeah following the shapes of the main muscles is very important to be able to control the form, them loops need to be planed and studied, thanks for stopping around!

rekske1: Thanks, its a lot load of work, but I feel im learning tons!

Legs are in, keep in mind after I finish the whole thing, ill go and make a final pass
on the whole thing to tighten stuff and get better loops here and there.

congratulation very nice topology. can’t wait to see the next step :slight_smile:

Benny_Flex: thanks! hope you like it, the more i work on it the more stuff i find that needs fixing or retopo, modeling girls is hard.

One more update still working on it, I’m hoping to get the feet done soon.


You really don’t want to do those ears, do you? :slight_smile:

She’s looking great. I feel like we’ll be able to get a better idea on the shape of the back muscles once the shoulders and arms are done.

Edit: I also feel like the rib cage doesn’t come down far enough on the anterior side. Looks just a tad wonky.