Warrior in Antique Armour

Hi all.

Well, I haven’t been posting alot in the 3D section lately, but finally I’ve gotten this piece in the stage, where I call it finished (at least for now, I’ve been working on it for a while now).

This is based on an drawing made by Leonardo Da Vinci, so whitout any further yapping, here it is.


And here’s bigger picture of the untouched version

And bigger one of the post produced image

So, what do you think?

This has the potential to be truly fantastic, but lacks the proper materials to be so. Your modelling is truly stunning and looks almost exactly like the sketch.

Great work!


that’s the only thing i see wrong, though seems like too much work just to get rid of it. nice job!

That’s very impressive.

well I do like this version more of the drawing hehe http://raph.com/3dartists/artgallery/oleg_karassev1.jpg

but the modelling of yours is good. But I wish you would have textured it and light it in a better way with less photoshopping (not that photoshopping is bad, I just don’t like the effect you gave that much).

oh and also, I’m sorry if it offend you in anyway, I’m just giving my humble opinion here, I always wanted to tell you, your signature is always too big and not that good looking on your images…make it smaller in a corner…use a wacom or something to draw it, cause IMO…it doesn’t really look good.

the modelling is good tho, I really like the helmet details

Thanks from the replies.

The truth is, that I got bored whit the project for time being. Maybe I will texture this one better, maybe I won’t, it all bounds in will I get interested. Further more there are many details missing from the image.

Funny thing, that you would mention that sig Ecks… It’s made whit Wacom :wink:
And you are right, the version by Oleg Karassev is far more accurate translation.