Warrior - the finished article

I had put this in WIP %| , but I think it’s finished now - just some kinks to work out with the armature(s)

Anything C&Cs would be nice.


It’s a Code Master!!!

This looks very cool.

Nice, I quite like the shadows (especially on the third pic). Some crits would be that the environment is a touch bland (not the point of the render I know), some of it’s bits do not appear to be attached and look like they are floating (3rd pic). I suspect that this is just a lighting thing though and would be resolved if the renders were brighter (I’m assuming his arms connect to the torso via thin wires that I just can’t see).

Well, thanks for your responses! And it’s supposed to look detached, or floating as you call it - as for environment, I hope to make a puesdo tech/mystic room later on.

Cheers again! :slight_smile: