Warrior with sword: update

First of all, thanks to Odjin for his mini tutorial on mirror texturing. Odjin saved me countless hours of trial & error.
Ok, so here is a preliminary skin for my model and some of the interchangeable elements for ‘the game’ (hair, beard, sword, shoulder armor: like most MMORPGs). The next thing I would like to know is how to proceed in developing interchangeable elements. How do I replace just part of the texture during character creation? It should be way more simple than, say, WoW. The hair, beard, shoulder armor and weapon are separate objects, so that shouldn’t be too hard. What I am concerned about is the texture on the face and body. I would like to make different armor textures for the entire body, and different face textures for the head. Is that possible?



Nice modeling job.

For the texture, if I remember correctly, you just have to asign 2 materials to the body, than each one can be UV-mapped separately.

Oh, cool, thanks

So, can I copy the first UV map into the 2nd material? And, more importantly, can one delete “islands” from the 2nd UV map (or any UV map)? I’ll check that out.

thanks again

Well, I don’t think you can delete part of the UV map, but as those faces won’t be asigned to that material but to the other, it won’t really matter.
Now, I don’t know if the game engine can take several materials into account?

Hey great work on the textures. I like the image!

Hello when you finish this project can you, share with us the model and the texture for study ? I love study textures and solutions ? I will try post a link to my projects and if any one need this models for study can download ? Any one whant share ?