The hero gazing towards the horizon.
Modelled and rendered in Blender 2.44
Textures painted in Gimp 2.4
Background rendered with Terragen 2 Technology Preview.


Very cool, but what is up with his lip?

Great texturing and modeling!

He is really cool looking, and the lip is a good touch.

Really nice modeling and texturing. The split lip is a realley nice touch. I think I’m not lying much, if I say this one most convincing looking skin shaders done in Blender. Though the beard particles could do some more adjustment.

Thank you all for the kind comments.
Reguarding the lip, he got a nasty cut,and it dident healt to well:).
Reguarding the beard, gonna use the new particle system on the next project.

Very cool. Reminds me of the guards from assassin’s creed.

That’s very nice man, really great work!

Very, very nice. I think, however, that it would be more dramatic if you could see the blade of his sword coming alongside his head, as though he’s holding it upright in front of him in a resting position. Just a suggestion that I believe would improve the image. All in all, utterly inspiring.

gallery :eek:

That must be a photo :eek:

With a few small tweaks to the beard, this would be even better. IMO the hairs wouldn’t be bent like that when they are that short.

Did you render in Blender Internal?

Great work!

Quality stuff, but it’s the eyes that really stand out. That is where a cg character either has ‘life’ or they don’t. Yours certainly does!

I don’t suppose you would happen to mind sharing the material settings for the eyes? :slight_smile:

Excellent, all you need now is some dirt and blood spatters.

Wow, I’m amazed !! Every single aspect is perfect!

It’s ironic how here this image has 5*, suggestions to get in gallery etc…
However, in CG talk this has 3* and only few comments.

Anyways, I like it :slight_smile:

Amazing work!

Indeed, the beard throws this one off. Some tweaks of the particles will definitely make this one pop.

Some more variation in the skin textures would help improve the overall look as well. Too clean and nice for a warrior IMO.

Great work though. As Ben said, the eyes are perfect.