Hi there,
Thanks for even clicking on my thread :smiley: i am what 99.9% of blender users would call an amature. this is literly my first blender project. all i have done up untill now is play around abit with the GE and getting used to the UI and shortcuts…

at first it was a robot… now im thinking maybe a guy in battle armour… either way i definatly didnt plan it out - you can see it dosn’t even have arms yet and i will most likely change its legs. i will definatly play around with the colours of it im not really sure what to do about that. when i plonk the arms on i will make a sword and sheild to hold also with particle effects similar to the wings :slight_smile:

i will probably look back at this in a few months time and laugh a great deal - but here it is so far and im pretty darn proud haha :smiley:

so what do you think? :S any comments, any advice is greatly welcome


Looks interesting, and promising.
Use the compositor to make your halo particles look better!

i didnt use halo particles they are just particles unborn

coz really i would like the whole wings to glow - i still would like the particles being emitted like that tho it looks really nice on the animation

If you want the wings to glow then rendering-a-light-saber or creating-streaks-of-light may help you out.

nice design. It would really help you if you plan what you’re going to do so that you can correct some errors if you didn’t go as planned. I love the particles on the wings. I think it would be better if you put colors on the wings and not make it transparent because it’s hard to see the wings.

in the future i will draw out what i have planned - but im the sort of person that wold change it anyway :slight_smile: i just go with the design as it comes together. ill check out that link thanks for that XD and yeah i will probably put like feather texture on it mayube that would be good… but its suposed to be like metal wings so i duno if that will work. ill post some pictures of different stuff on later :smiley:

I would love too see the wings metal not feathery(imo it will be reaaaaly strange), Do you have reflections on? if yes, the reason they are not “showing”, well they are reflecting but the color is blue all throughout because that is the color of the background.
Try to but an HDRI Image in, or add some more objects around such as shadeless planes or something.

Here is a HDRI pack

yeah ill keep them metal :stuck_out_tongue: in terms of “wings” they were ment to be something that gave my warrioir flight, not like ACTUAL wings that flap up and down - something more magical hence the particle emission. how do i do the background thingy? :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: i was thinking of actually having no material nad haveing the wings 100% particles… im rendering the actual animation so i can see what it would look like as a whole effect. particles look much better when they are actually moving - screenshots dont give it justice

i see what u meen with the HDRI… makes the reflections alot more realistic. although he is suposed to be in the sky haha