Warsaw - Odolany flat project

Hi all,
my latest project - 56 sq m flat in Warsaw -Odolany.
All made in Blender 2.76.1 and Cycles with white value add-on. 2000 samples.
Credits - Chocofur store- kitchen, kitchen equipment, books, tv, plants, shutters, blanket,

P.S. I still can’t figure out why there is so much noise. If anyone have some sugestion how to get rid of the noise, I am here to listen :slight_smile:



Warsaw - Odolany c.d.


Warsaw - Odolany c.d.


Whaat I can only dream to achieve something like this one day, absolutely fantastic!! :eek:

Can you tell me where do you find this white value add-on? And work is perfect.For noise try to use lower sample in diffuse pass and disable caustic. And you can play with value in clamp direct and indirect and fliter glossy.

very beautiful!

Really beautiful renders! Clean and realistic, I like them! In my opinion the shot of the shower is a bit burned in the highlights, but apart from that, great work!

What is the white value addon? I cannot find anything, do you have a link?

As for the noise of course it can depend on several factor. One thing that really helps however is to turn off probabilistic path termination by setting the same value for the max and min bounces in the light paths settings. I wouldn’t go higher than 1 or 2 for a scene like this.

However, depending on the scene it’s almost impossible of getting totally rid of the noise, some denoise in post process can be of big help.

Hi guys,
thanks for the positive feedback.
The build with white value controler by lukasstockner97 you can find here

*raiden1983 - I disabled caustic. “For noise try to use lower sample in diffuse pass” - did you mean to decrease diffuse sample in bounces area of light paths?

*Bernardo - I tried your solution yesterday (I set min and max bounces in the light path settings on the same value) but it took all my lights down, all the lights looked different from what I achived earlier which I didn’t wont to… But when I will prepare fresh scene next time I will try this method out one more time before setting all the lights. Maybe this could help :slight_smile:
Below are my rendering settings.


Use some value in filter glossy. It will help to reduce noise in glossy surface. Try to use lower sample in Transparency and Bounces. Use the same value in min and max. Image will be darker but you can save it in EXR and play with light in post production. If you set high value in bounces and transparency then you get much more noise and then you should put more samples and you get very long time render. I allways try to use low value as much as posible.

Good work, really like the mood. Bit cold regarding color temperature, but thats a matter of taste. You get a lot of noise in your pics. Try a value between 0.6 and 0.7 for “Filter Glossy” and reduce the bounces to 4 (Max, Min, Diffuse, Glossy, Transmission). I myself don´t use values over 6 for transparency as well. Dont know if you used a bit of AO, this can also help to decrease noise. With these settings I normally render only 1000 samples, achieving moderate noise which can easily be removed using Photoshop.

But as i said before: really solid and good work though.

Thanks for the link! I thought it was a plugin, that’s why I couldn’t find it!

Looking at those settings I think so high bounces are a really good candidate to be reason you cannot get rid of noise. It’s totally normal that the lights goes down when you set the bounces to 1 or 2. However I think it is much better to play more with lights and film settings to obtain the desired lighting and keep the bounces low. As I mentioned I wouldn’t go higher than 2. You will find that your noise will be much much more manageable!

Of course, each scene is a different situation, but here is a very simple comparison to give you an idea: you can barely see the render time on the top left corner, which is more or less the same. The first image is rendered with your settings, while the second has only 1 bounce, no probabilistic path termination and a bit a tweaking with gamma and film settings. :slight_smile:

Cycles is a path tracer, it doesn’t play well with hidden lights. You must place the lights in such a way that you illuminate the room with just 1 or 2 bounces, sometimes you must also add fake bounce lights. Reflective and refractive caustic also take very long to reduce noise, so you’ll need to cheat somehow

Nice contemporary style. I like it especially some of the little details are added in the scene (e.g. trousers on sofa, paper bag on floor, oven), makes it more realistic that this house is occupied. :slight_smile:

Just do it like him and grab all your stuff from chocofur.

There is nothing wrong in models from site like chocofur or cgaxis or evermotion. When you have to do project for client and when time counts this is only solution. But a good render it not only a models but good materials,light,compositing,postproduction and etc.

I don’t know why I didn’t use filter glossy - I forgot about it. :slight_smile: I tried to lower transparency sample but all the glass part are black-ish when the sample is low but I deffinitly will try min and max value at same level. Thanks :slight_smile:

In my previous works I always used different amount of bounces, similar to the print screen which I posted here. I didn’t think that this matters so much. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help and that you found a time to do the test and comparison :slight_smile: I really appreciate this.
I have to do two last rooms for this project so I will try to practice everything what you guys shared here with me and I will post the effect and conclusion.

Thanks SSendam. I am cheating in interiors, in this project I have 3 point lamps hidden to camera, portals in windows, few spot lamps and emission planes and it still wasn’t enough… :frowning:

thanks artssionate :slight_smile: At first when I was learning Blender I didn’t know how to make this “life mess” but I was studying works of other artists and try to put some little details in all my works. Thanks for noticing :slight_smile:

I agree with you completly :slight_smile:

Hello! really nice job, looks very realistic.
To reduce noise try this:

I use it and I’ts very helpful, you have to play around and make some experiments beause it is in development. but it’s good!

Can you give a tutorial or a sample scene to learn how to make interior lighting like your pic, its very good!

Thanks! Greetings!

Nobody who´s doing commercial projects is able to do everything by themselves. It isn´t only time, that counts - like raiden said. It´s also a matter of economics. If we, in our company, would have to model everything by our own, we would need 10 employees to even fill our database with furnishings, decoration, etc. In a production pipeline its entirely necessary to use pre made content. Otherwise - and I am talking of my company right now - no client could afford our work. Using pre made stuff doesnt neccessarily mean you get a good end result. Achieving that, it needs far more than just a few stock models, no matter where they come from.

Bounces don´t necessarily cut the amount of noise in half, but it helps save a lot of render time, while achieving the same end result as before.