Hi everyone,

I am introducing you to my personal project of Warsaw city map. The city is represented as in development plan dated for 2020. 3D model was based on OSM maps (OpenStreetMap) that are available in Blender ( GIS add-on ) .

I used materials such as cooper and antique gold from BlenderKit. Render in Cycles.

The whole city was created during the harsh time of the COVID-19 pandemic when people were isolated at their homes and the city was deserted. Unfortunately during this time, the air pollution was also extremely high, that is why my city is fully covered by smog.

In this project I used a font called “Zakład” designed by Szymon Sznajder. This font style was created in non-commercial design project called “Warszawskie Kroje” that contains twelve fonts inspired by original character of Warsaw’s lettering. More information about this project you can find here: www.kroje.org

I and hope you enjoy it!


Love colours and materials, love all of it :slight_smile:

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Thank You !