I started roughing out this ship but it seems so familiar, has anyone seen anything like this in a movie or show? I like creating my own stuff and I’m worried I’m just reproducing something I may have seen a long time ago. it’s a rough and I’m sure alot things could be pointed out on it but right now I’m only asking for it’s origin. (if any at all).

  • Please feel free to give input since I’ve actually started on the project, 05/07/2011

Thanks guys/gals.


Yeah it is from StarGate an Asgard Ship…

Yea it sucks to put time into something only to find out you have been subconsciously copying someone else’s work. I wasted many hours on google image trying to make sure I wasn’t copying something but the truth is if you look long enough you will find something close. So if you like what you have stick with it, just try to make your own.

to me that really isn’t that close, I found out what it was, It was a hammerhead fighter from space above and beyond, that I was starting to lean towards but I have enough of my own in it to make it mine so I’ll continue with it.

I’m trying out several looks or what may end up becoming a certain species class of ship haven’t decided yet, still pretty rough, will post more later.

updating progress

some more progress, I’m starting to wonder what it’s fighters should look like.

I’m a little confused as to what is the front and back. I assumed it was the hammer head bit, but now that I’m seeing it textured, I’m not sure. Those grill things could be windows but the large boomerang bits and the general lines of the ship seem to suggest they are engine thruster arrays.

yeah right now it does look odd the vents are ion collecters I’ve not yet fitted engines on it in detail, or added weapons, the ship will be able to separate when it’s done, i have a long way to go and I’m trying to figure out how to add artwork to it from other programs so I’m kinda playing along the way with it.



this is separated, still a WIP for sure