Warthog WIP

Hello… Again.

As you know I’m not too good at modelling, so I need some critique and comments, everything is on.

I don’t have side or front or top view references for this, I’m making it from perspective shots.

Still to do: Interior (Chairs, petals and wheel), the meterthing in the glass, tires, and turret.

Meaning for ingame model, which I will maybe then subsurf and sculp after it’s ready.


seriously try and find some refs.

Haha, you may be right… I thought that it looked like crap myself, even if it has just small resemblance, thought to put it up for crits.

Looks like you need an edgesplit modifier but not knowing what it is suppose to be I can’t really crit. Could you post your ref shot so people know what it is supposed to look like? Are you trying to model a A-10 Warthog or is this some game model?
Sorry for being so ignorant :wink:

Hey look on the bright side, you got a really cool looking boat? No, seriously, find some references. No matter how hard I try, I can never do anything from memory :o

Yeeaah… I’m using following pic:

I quess I have to start from scratch again ^^

Keep going with it, maybe you can save it. The basic shape is pretty close, I wouldnt start over completely. I was just messin with ya lol

He says he has references, just not from the front or side. By the way, try setting everything to solid (in the editing buttons around the bottom left.) It looks pretty good so far, especially if you’re a beginner. I might be able to get front and side references for you.

Edit: Oh, by the way, if you want to show a good wireframe preview, go to the object buttons (next to the materials buttons, with the three arrows icon), and click “wire” in the “draw extra” buttons. Then go object mode and solid view, and the wireframe will be drawn over the model!

Actuall don’t set it to solid. Set it to smooth and use the edgesplit modifier. Mess with the angle til you have the sharp edges where you need them. If you need additional sharp edges use the From Marked As Sharp button in the Modifier. To mark an edge sharp. Select it and Press CTRL+E (this brings up the edge specials menu) and choose mark sharp.

If you have halo 3, you can save high resolution screen shots to bungie.net (if you have a profile there) and then down load the screen shots to you’re computer to use them as blue prints.



you’re welcome :slight_smile: