Was blender used in spiderman 2?

Looking at the Blender Nation website I noticed an add for a ‘free’ version of blender and in the description it said that Blender was used in the making of Spider Man 2. Is this true? It’s one of those things I just have to know!:stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I absolutely love Blender! Here is the link:http://www.cdearth.com/blender-animation-editor.htm?gclid=CMf4wN6u95ACFRGCGgodzF8t2w

Only for pre-vis though, and look at the interface, the version they used was pre 2.30.

So it was used for the ‘rough’ story board type animation?
Thanks, pretty cool if you think about it!

You can get some more reading at blender.org too.

Edit: Wanted to post that link too, t3d was faster :slight_smile:

Blender is a professional-grade tool for video work. I doubt that anyone would care to seriously debate that premise. Its built-in “game-blender” capabilities and its fast wire-frame modeling (actually, quite a bit more than wire-frames) in the “preview render” facility, make it a very good tool indeed for producing … and for experimenting with … previsualizations. Do your work… “pick a platform, any platform.” Then, you can export what you’ve done into whatever file-format you like.

Quite obviously, Blender is not going to subsequently generate the outputs that you will need to build a finished image for “the silver screen,” but that is not the purpose for which this tool was ever intended. There is a huge amount of practical value in what Blender does do, within the context of a cinema production. It does not surprise me in the slightest that “Spidey 2” would use it. Of course they would know about it. Of course they would use it…

Today, Blender has no reason to “apologize” to anyone.

Blender’s renderer though is quickly getting to the point where feature films may or may not use it.

You can partly thank Broken for this, he uses the renderer for practical production work, and codes whatever features he needs and gives to all of us. Sooner or later his WIP raytrace nodes and anisotropic rotation maps will make it in.

I heard it was used too… I guess now I know how…

By the way, did anyone see Spiderman 3? In the scene where he’s perched on top of the church, idk if anyone else saw this, but the lightning flashes and there’s a NOTICEABLE difference going between real and CG… Check it out next time you see it.