was blind, already a feature - Shift key view snapping - like Zbrush

I was working alot lately with Zbrush and keep am keep trying to snap view with SHIFT in Blender. I was wondering if others think that this would be a nice feature and for developers how hard would such a feature be to implement?

how does it work exactly?

blender does do view snapping with alt key (during MMB view rotate), but perhaps that’s not what you mean

It doesn’t work in sculpt mode though.

Edit: No, wait, it does. I pressed Shift to check too, lol.

I wasn’t aware of that feature, great that it works! Is there a conflict if that was mapped to SHIFT? I guess i could try it out for myself :).

Not sure. Shift is used for smoothing in sculpt, but then again on only works while moving the view around…

How do i get ‘Any’ modifier in hotkey customization? Like now the view snap is set to ‘Any Left Alt’.

Ups… Overlooked the little triangle to expand the mapping.

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