Was going to change over to 2.8 shortcuts until a saw this web page

I hoped to find a definitive list of what shortcuts were added what ones were taken away. I found this list here:
And I read on to see this:
3D View

  • Global Keys
    • Shift-Wheel (VIEW3D_OT_view_pan) NO REPLACEMENT .
    • Ctrl-Wheel (VIEW3D_OT_view_pan) NO REPLACEMENT .
    • Alt-Shift-Wheel (VIEW3D_OT_view_orbit) NO REPLACEMENT .
    • Ctrl-Shift-Wheel (VIEW3D_OT_view_orbit) NO REPLACEMENT .
      So that would mean I need to spend a few hours coming up with my own navigation shortcuts.
      I use the middle mouse button to rotate my view and I use the shift wheel to pan. So from what I gather we must grab the hand each time we want to pan ? are there industry standards for pan and rotate view ??

Navigation is the same in 2.8x, middle mouse button et al.

what is your opinion on this post ?

I didn’t notice any change in viewport navigation between 2.79 and 2.8. All the middle mouse button stuff works.

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does anyone know how to export a readable list. I searched for ORIG and the keymap in preferences and it did not bring up any results. that means its not going to find things. anyone know where to get the lists of shortcuts. I can look in the prefs but if search wont work there I need t find a list. ctrl alt shift c lets me change my origin point. Im going to need a list and it seams this is next to impossible to extract from the web. I had Guidansky but now that is not of any use. I need to find an accurate list of shortcuts.
We need a definitive searchable list of shortcut keys. Industry standard blender and 2.79 without that I do not see being productive. I have a 10k word document of notes I search when I need to find a shortcut.

BlenderGuru has a hotkey list.

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No opinion whatsoever. I don’t subscribe to someone else’s hotkeys or buzzwords. I set up my own keys however I need them, and though I could recommend someone to assign a shortcut to some function, I don’t see any value in preaching a “superior” way.


Well thank god they gave us the original keymap for blender. For now that is what I will stick with. Alt-c ctrl alt shift c neither one of those work in 2.80. In that one “Proper keymap for 2.8” I was able to find things like convert curve to mesh and the origin point. Really a blender user is no better than his list of shortcuts. IF you cant find the shorcuts then your screwed… Maybe looking at the prefs is the way to find them but its discouraging when the prefs wont find the " ÖRIG" in 2.80 I gues there no longer is shortcuts for that in 2.80 as the 2.79 keymap does find ORIG So maybe the search in the keymap does work… If so that is great.

So maybe for now I will just start selecting with the left button so at least I am not developing muscle memory that is not an industry standard.?? Its a start. I kinda like that keymap that whatshisname posted… I like the way he put it all in excel and organized it all nice with tabs and its searchable. A lot of time went into it. I have that "Guidansky printed out 4ft and its above my bed. I look at that guidansky poster all the time.

I still don’t know why they removed shift-ctrl-alt-c since they didn’t replace it with anything. I just re-add it every time I update. I have to disable all the non-tool based left/right click Tweaks anyway so I’m used updating the keymap. Other than those two things, I’ve switched over to the 2.8 keymap and it was pretty quick to adjust and feels a bit more natural(I like the 1 2 3 change for vert/edge/poly, for example). Zach Reinhardt offers a cheat sheet that shows the differences between 2.79 and 2.8 if you need one.

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My worry is more about functions I >could< productively map keys too, but don’t know about.

So I downloaded that 2.8/2.79 sheet that is what I needed I got it from https://cgboost.com/
Thanks Obsurveyor