Was it the past or the future ?

Hello !
I start a new project based on a street view of a woman, somewhere in a urban suburb. I would like the scene cannot be dated. We don’t know if we are in the past or in the future. I will try to modelized old buildings behind the woman but, very modern buildings in the background. Same thing for the woman clothing. For me the big challenge will be to model the women face because I did never do that yet…

Here’s a first elements of the street view :

The street view with the face woman (draft) and the background buildings.

The face : WIP

THe women face in the street

Here’s the second step face wire.
What do you think of it ?

Hello !
I’ve finished my work on the woman’s face. I actually work with a symmetry modifier, but before working on the asymetrical details, I’would like your advice.
Thank you in advance to any one who may be able to give me some amelioration or critical remarks.


Nice work so far. I think the color will determine the temporal ambiguity a lot. Have you seen the film Gattaca? It’s got an interesting blend of old and new-looking elements. Putting old buildings around her and new buildings in the background will put a definite time on the work, and just make it look like the historic (or poverty stricken, depending on its cleanliness) district of a new city.

Gattaca is really a beautiful film, sumptuous architectural work on the film set design. I love the Uma french DS car. I’ve discovered recently the title meaning.
In any event, thank you for your advice KnightsFan. I will take on board the points you said.

First low sampling cycles render

Second cycles render different composition

nice work!
but integration of architecture in the image gives a date, even a old / modern mix, this will made ​​the future.

perhaps with a natural landscape …

Dont worry i havent finished the scene set yet. Anyway , thanx for your remarks :slight_smile:

you asked for advise on the womans face… the jaw at its heel is way too narrow… from bottom view the jaw is like a tight horse shoe,

Unfortunatly, You’re damn right ! I need to improve my work on the woman face…

I sure that you are going to do it eventually but the material on the woman could use some sss.

Honestly, I’ve never really used SSS correctly, wereas you are a killer. I saw you’re work on the human male bust : awesome !
Got some SSS node editor screenshot, for me ? :slight_smile:

Superb work so far. What if you put some cracks on the wall, and some of the bricks showing?
Mixing the new buildings with some old ones like you did is an excellent idea to make it timeless, but, if I’m not pushing it too far, making one of the buildings would add a lot more confusion in trying to date your image. On the other hand, it would probably be somewhat of an overkill…
Naaah, just leave it the way it is, it’s cool enough!

Hello Rogersan ! I agree with you. I must add more detail on the wall but actually the street is entirely made with array instances to optimize my work, but I’ll accurate the detail level when I’ll apply the modifier… but actually I work like mad on the woman’s face !!! Lol

Hello Guys… and Girls ! :slight_smile:
I’ve worked hard on the woman. I’ve totally redesign the bottom of the face the eyes and specially on the texture.
I’m not totally satisfied by the eyebrows and the eyelids but I continue to work on it.
I hope you’ll like the result.